The Eggs

The chickens are getting really good at laying!  I’m getting 2 eggs a day now, though I think there are three chickens laying.  Here’s what I had early in the week.


Wait just a minute!  Those three eggs on the right . . they look just a bit too big!  OK!  Those three came from the Amish chickens.  The seven smaller ones came from my chickens.  And they’re a whole lot smaller!

But, these pictures were taken on Wednesday.  I’ve now gotten several 2.4 ounce eggs.  Yes, I weigh them all and I keep a spreadsheet! 🙂  Don’t laugh.  I keep spreadsheets for everything!


The smallest egg from my chickens is 1.3 ounces.  The largest in the picture is 1.6 ounces.

Eggs from the Amish weigh in at a whopping 2.6 ounces!  With my most recent eggs being 2.4 ounces, we’re almost there!

I figured the only fair way to use the first eggs was to bake a cake.  That way, we’ll all get some of the first eggs.


The shells were very hard, which made me happy.  The lady at the feed store had told us we didn’t need to add any oyster shell because it is already in the food we give them.  I kept reading that we did need to add oyster shell (they use that to help make hard shells).  The shells from any fresh eggs are way harder than most any storebought eggs.  The shells on my eggs were harder than I’ve ever seen.  I hit the side of the counter several times to crack some of the eggs.


A 7-Up Pound Cake using the fleur de lis cake pan.  Even though the recipe called for five eggs, I used seven since they were so small.

While driving earlier this week I was thinking of all the naysayers, specifically Helen!  I can admit now that I did have just a bit of apprehension about the chickens.  Vince wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first; I was afraid they’d be stinky and gross.  We went through some tough times when they had been in the basement way too long and I was beginning to doubt that the coop would ever be finished but now that we have all that behind us, having chickens is way more fun than I ever thought it would be.  I think having the red or gold star chickens is part of what makes it so fun.  They’re so personable and friendly.

For any of you wanting chickens, if you can do it . . do it!  I don’t see a single negative aspect of having them . . as long as you have someone who can help you if you go out of town much.  The chickens go into the coop at night by themselves so all anyone really needs to do is be sure they have food and water and they’re put up at night and let out in the morning.  I love my chickens!



  1. 4

    Miss Nancy says

    Interesting eggs, Yummy looking cake! I should be so lucky to bake that well. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  2. 6


    I can’t have chickens where we live, but now I know I need to go and find me some farm-fresh eggs. I’m glad this all worked out well……and I say…..”Nah….nah…..nannypoo” to the “naysayers” (especially one in particular and you know who I mean!!!)

  3. 8

    Just Me says

    Everything looks great.
    Could you tell us the downside of having chickens.
    Is there a lot of “by products”—aka–poop you have to deal with?
    Just curious!

    Let’s have tea and cake.

  4. 9

    Angie says

    The eggs are wonderful looking! So is the cake! I like your new cake pan. Question: Where are the chickens during the day. Do you let them roam around your yard? I’ve seen the fabulous chicken coop, but not set up in the yard. Do they have a chicken ‘yard’? It wouldn’t do if we had chickens to just let them loose. To many predators. We live in the country on five plus acres. Many wild things roaming around.

  5. 10

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Save all the used straw with the droppings. Compost it and the result will be so wonderful to work into your soil for that garden that will surely be yours in the spring! Thanks for sharing the chickens’ saga with us. Tell Vince that the chicken house is the most beautiful one ever! P.S. (Chicken poop alone is too strong for gardens so be sure it is composted with the straw.)

  6. 11


    Your eggs are beautiful, your chickens are beautiful, your cake is REALLY beautiful. It makes me WANT cake in the worst way, but the glucose meter keeps shouting, “NO.”

  7. 13


    This is a great post! And that scrumptious looking cake the result of the chicken saga — and well worth it!!

  8. 15

    Cindy says

    Will you just look at the color of those yolks! Store bought eggs ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    Italian cream cake with fresh eggs is just about the best thing ever.


  9. 16

    Becky in GA says

    OH! Congratulations are in order. Enjoy those fresh eggs. They have to be way more healthy than the store bought ones and probably taste better too!

  10. 20

    LadyBaltimore says

    Loved reading about your chickens!
    Where’d you get that really wonderful fleur-de-lis cake pan?
    I think Vicky and I both need one. (It would probably be even more wonderful with your yummy looking cake in the pan)

  11. 21


    So glad you are finally truly enjoying your babies! They are such easy pets and make you breakfast, too 🙂

  12. 23


    My step-father had a chicken farm and we collected over 3,000 a day so I’m OVER THAT for sure. Just wanted to tell you that I was reading another girl’s blog who is into chickens and in that “For Dummies” collection there is now a Chicken for Dummies book.

    Worse than collecting eggs twice a day…they only lay once but some lay in the afternoon..was the day he decided to STOP chicken farming and we had to catch and cage all the chickens!