Pinwheel Quilt


Want to make your own?  I’m not going to give you all the written instructions but I am going to give you enough info that you can easily make it on your own.  In fact, the quilt is so simple, you could easily make it on your own without my help.

Here’s the block.  It’s simply a pinwheel block with a border around each block.  My blocks, including the border are 10″.  Make yours any size you want them.


Sew the blocks together in rows.  I kept the same colors going diagonally but you can make yours as scrappy or as planned as you’d like.

Using the handy chart I provided previously, figure out what size you need your pieced border blocks to be and then add the borders to get to that size.  My border blocks are 3″ finished.

This one was turned with the background fabric next to the background border.


This border block is turned with the darker (purple) facing next to the darker outer purple border.


Put the border blocks together for the pieced border.


Simple as that!



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    Becky in GA says

    Thank you Judy. Now, if I could only get the star BOM you gave finished so that I won’t feel guilty starting someting new! I only have one block left to piece and all the setting triangles and borders are already cut out waiting to be assembled…..I’ve got to get busy!

  2. 5


    Oh, Judy, thank you for sharing. It’s a darling quilt. I have so many UFO’s now, but I’m going to print this off and add to my “wannadu” file.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again.


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    Breaking out the border blocks is such a clear look- The border looked pretty complicated when I first saw it- but holy smokes, its just one fabulous block, color shifted. Very cool.

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    KARLA says

    Thank you for the pinwheel pattern, I am currently doing a pinwheel in black, whites, and greys, I need 72 blocks and I am almost at 60. This will be the first large quilt I have done. Wishing you and Vince a most Happy Anniversary.

  5. 10

    Linda H says

    Happy Anniversary, Judy and Vince! Way to go!
    Thank you for sharing your quilt instructions with us. These are the kind of instructions I like best… short and to the point, although I realize that beginners would really prefer more detail. And that’s ok.
    I especially like the interplay of the border blocks with the inner and outer borders. Cool! I feel a pinwheel quilt coming on.

  6. 12


    Thank you Judy for sharing this border and the pinwheel quilt. I love the way this border looks on it. I am bookmarking this for future, but, knowing me, I won’t remember why, lol.

  7. 13


    Thanks for the “close-up” look at this terrific quilt….does seem like it wouldn’t be too difficult…may have to try a block or two and see how it turns out.

  8. 14

    carol says

    oh Judy, Thank YOU, this will be a great scrappy and I got a bag of strips today from a lady who makes soldier quilts like I
    do, and instead of crumb block I will make this. thanks

  9. 16


    Thanks for sharing Judy, I love this pattern and have 2 babies coming days apart in the family so this will be perfect for a quilt for each…just what I needed.
    Love your blog…I visit you several times a day and always love to see your chickens, chad’s antics, cooking, quilting and knitting.