Another Adventure

Talk about cheap entertainment . . we sometimes drag out our lawn chairs and sit and watch the chickens.  Some nights, one gets to be held and petted for a while.


The red stars are so sweet!  And, they really love being close to us.  Sunday night while sitting out watching them, I noticed that one of them seemed to be itching.  She was pecking at her feathers and getting really aggravated.  Hey . . I know how she feels.  I sometimes have an allergic reaction and itch quite a bit myself!

Yesterday I was at the feed store when they opened and explained that I thought she might have mites.  That’s a problem sometimes with chickens.  The feed store people didn’t think she has mites because they said it doesn’t usually happen in the summer but they sold me some stuff and said . . just catch her and dust her real good with this! Sounds real simple but . . it was this chicken!


Miss Congeniality herself!  I’m scared of her.  And, I’m scared of this one too.


That means there’s 8 that don’t scare me.  Since I’m scared of my shadow, 2 out of 10 isn’t bad.

So, I needed to catch Miss Congeniality, and I needed to hold her and dust her.  She must know I’m afraid of her and she’d come at me squawking and trying to peck me.  I was quicker than she was and she never made contact but she was more persistent and I finally gave up.  Lucky for both of us, Vince doesn’t mind being a little “hen pecked”!  🙂    He devised a plan where we would trap her between the run and the coop and then he’d hold her while I dusted her.   I believe it was just the gnats driving her nuts and they may be bothering her more than the others because she’s so light.  I don’t know . . none of the others seem to be having an itching problem.

All I have to say is . . those four Ameraucanas had better start laying soon and they’d better lay some pretty colored eggs because I don’t like them at all and I’m still thinking . . smoked chicken and gumbo! 🙁



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    I just love your chicken stories. They usually give me a good chuckle to start my day. Speaking of itching – did I miss your trip to the doctor and what may have caused your allergic reaction while you were in Louisiana?

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      I never posted about it. He want me to take Claritin and Zantac June through September and see what happens. Three of the attacks were in the summer and I can’t remember when the first three happened. The doctor thinks it’s more something I’m coming in contact with vs. something I’m eating and didn’t recommend seeing an allergist for as rarely as my problems occur. By the end of summer, 2011, we’ll know if the Claritin is doing the trick.

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    peggy says

    I don’t think a single one of those chickens is in any danger of ending up in a pot, Judy. Those guys are PETS, like my worthless, spoiled dog! Besides the fact that you would feel terrible eating them, you’d miss them, and we’d miss the stories.

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    Glenda says

    The americana chicken has a disposition like no other chick. But, having said that, mine, well, one of them is sweet. She’s the first to greet me and follows me around the yard. Maybe they chill out when they get older. Don’t give up yet ! Glenda

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      Two of the Ameraucanas are coming around. I can touch them through the wire but they won’t come to me. The other two . . I don’t like them any more than they like me!

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    Laughing here about you sitting out to watch the chickens — I thought we were laid back, but you’ve got us beat!! 🙂
    I really enjoy all the chicken adventures.

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        A few years ago, I decided that I needed some of those ‘colored egg laying’ hens otherwise known as Ameraucana. I had the same problem as you, they were mean. Mine were so flighty that I had to be careful when I opened the door or they would fly right over my head and out. I never could tame mine and when they set they were even meaner than a normal setting hen. I decided never again. I will take just plain old brown eggs. (grin) Good luck with your chickens. I love reading about your adventures. Now if you really want some fun, get some banties(bantams). They are so much fun to watch. Winona

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    We are finding that each chicken has their own personality and one thinks she is queen. We have lawn chairs down by the garden and chicken house. It’s good for you to slow your pace down and watch the garden grow and the chickies play.

    And while we were watching, the beans exploded and now I have a bucket full to can today. 🙂

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    Glenda says

    A little tip. You might already know this but here goes. LOL When you catch the chicks hold their feet together. That usually calms them right down. Hope this helps. Glenda

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    Bobbie says

    Oh Judy-I’m a sissy or baby or soft heart-yes thats it-soft hearted–I can not for the life of me eat any animal I have seen alive–just can’t do it. We eat plenty of meat, but nothing I’ve ever laid eyes on–I am just a wuss, I guess-no I am a animal lover and a soft heart when it comes to killing them. They won’t even let me go Elk hunting with them because I make a lot of noise so the elk can run away and be safe.(I’ve been in deep trouble before.) Hugs, Bobbie