Blackberry Heaven

Last week Vince told me about a place where we could go to pick blackberries.  I’m not real crazy about tame blackberries because they have huge seeds.  After picking wild blackberries a month or so ago, I’m not real crazy about them either because I had lots of chigger bites.  Huge seeds vs. chiggers?  Easy decision for me.


Look at the size of those blackberries!  They are so sweet!  We picked 3 gallons and ate 1 gallon a few while picking.

I canned 14 quarts of blackberry pie filling and made a blackberry pie.


The blackberry pie filling is so pretty . . and it tastes pretty good too.


Seems like I’m putting up more pie filling than real food but if you had a choice of living on real food or pie filling, which would you choose?  That’s what I thought!  Who needs real food when you have pie?


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    Oh, pie for sure! Are you going to make jam/jelly? I am keeping a watch on my berries. I’m hoping they are ready tomorrow. Maybe they are like the watched pot that never boils. 😉

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    My best friend absolutely love pie. For Christmas a few years ago I found a decorative vintage-looking sign that said “Save Room For Pie”. You need one of those signs!

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    I remember going out to pick wild blackberries in high school; blue jeans and a flannel long sleeve shirt in July. My step-mom put up so many cobblers, jam, etc that blackberries were not high on the list anymore LOL

    Now I’ve inherited the jam jars and make gobs of strawberry jam each year. The twins eat it like there is no tomorrow.


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    Oh Yummy!
    Talk about bringing back memories…………..We used to go down by the railroad tracks in Ohio with our little blackberry picking tin buckets and bring back loads of berries. Grandma Lizzie would make all kinds of goodies with those berries. Blackberry pie still remains a favorite with me.

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    pdudgeon says

    yep, i agree your family will love those pies and coblers come Winter time. good job!!

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    Oh yum! Blackberries are my favorite berry. I have fond memories of picking them with the grandparents when I was very young. Not many pies were made, but lots of jam! Looks like you’ll be set for the winter!

  7. 10

    Regina says

    Oh my goodness! I think that is the biggest blackberry I have ever seen!!! I don’t like blackberry pie but I love blackberries fresh – YUM!

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    Cheryl L says

    Yummy!!!! That pie makes me want some–w/a scoop of ice cream on top!!!

    Since I grew up in your neck of the woods it actually made me “itch” at your mention of chiggers. We don’t have them in Ohio and I have to tell you—-I sure as heck don’t miss them!!!!

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    Sunday and Monday my sister and I put up 46 half pints of blackberry jelly – and it was scrumptious! I’ve never made a blackberry pie though I do make blackberry cobbler. I bet my husband would like the pie better! blessings, marlene

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    There’s a place near us to pick blackberries, too. I love those huge ones on cereal, too. Yummmmmmm

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    Norma says

    Wow, Judy, that pie filling looks delicious. The blackberries have long been gone here in Louisiana but I did get to pick some blueberries a few weeks ago. It was so hot I didn’t pick for long but I put a few pounds in the freezer. I also managed to put up a few jars of fig preserves and some pepper jelly. My family is eating the pepper jelly almost as fast as I make a batch though. Fortunately you can get the produce for that year round.

    Loved your story about long ago. My grandparents had a farm and chickens and my uncle next to them had a dairy farm so I have fond memories of that time as well. They too had an outhouse and no electricity or running water till I was almost 8 years old. My favorite memory is of hearing the frogs and crickets at night time. There were no screens on the windows so MawMaw would spray the room with a flit gun at night before we went to bed. Those old wooden shutters didn’t keep many ‘skeeters out, but the flit gun helped. We always ducked under the covers when it came out. Funny thing, we never thought they were poor. There was ample to eat and lots of love to go around. I had 24 first cousins and we all showed up every Sunday after church. How I cherish those memories.

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    carol craven says

    oh how i adore Blackberries, i eat them all the time I can afford them. huge ones can be very sweet. I dont care a thing about the seeds, i stille at them, rather win your jar of blackeberries than anything.

  13. 17


    They are so beautiful and delicious. I don’t know how to can them though. I just froze them. I am going to do a search to try to find out how.
    thanks, Judy.
    I just canned salsa, tomatoes, dill pickles, million dollar pickles, green beans, and peach butter. I love the feeling of taking care of family loves. LOL

  14. 18

    Lizzy Hentze says

    What’s a chigger? Can you tell I am from the other hemisphere??? The blackberries look delicious and dining on pie morning, noon and night would be AOK with me and mine!

  15. 19


    OK — like YUM — blackberries, raspberries, any berry is my favorite. Those were some HUGE blackberries there!