Such Social Critters

My chickens are so social!  They’re always having visitors. No wonder some of them haven’t found the time to lay eggs.


This guy came and even left his shell behind.


This guy traveled a very long way.  Maybe it wasn’t so long . . but it definitely took him a long time to arrive for a quick visit with my chicks.


There’s almost always a bunny or two out there visiting.

DSC07733aWhat a cute little visitor this was . .

DSC07735aAnd he munched on my grass . . .


And then he said goodbye to my girls and joined the rest of his family.  I can tell that he wanted to stay and play a while longer but he followed his mom and they moved on . . to where there wasn’t this goofy woman with her camera following  them around! 🙂

It’s a good thing they moved on when they did because I have work to do . . I have a sewing room to clean!



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    What is that 1st picture? I can’t tell. Oh yeah, I heard you had a messy sewing room and you had better quit playing with the chickens and go clean.

  2. 5

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Oh what a beautiful fawn! By the way . . . WHAT is that thing in the first picture? It is driving us nuts because we can’t figure out what it is.

  3. 6

    bettina says

    those are really great photos.. just love the extras in your movie….you sound like you are really having fun with your chickens

  4. 7


    I have a Red Star and a Black Star plus 5 Ameraucanas. The Red and Black Star are so friendly and I pick them up on a regular basis. But I have one Ameraucana that can also be picked up and held – she is lovely – Buttercup (from the movie The Princess Bride). The others are always close by but not picker-uppers.
    They’re lots of fun and the eggs are great – all my chickens think they’re a dog!

    • 7.1


      I’ve noticed that my Ameraucanas are getting more friendly. Chad said he was able to pet Miss Congeniality yesterday. Maybe they’re getting ready to lay and they’re going to be nicer.

  5. 8

    CindyC says

    What is on the chickens head in the first picture. Looks like she is wearing a duck-tape helmet??? My Ameraucanas would let me pick them up. They were quite tame, but that did not happen until they started laying eggs. That seem to calm them down. It may get better. But I loved the pale blue/green eggs.

    • 8.1


      Oh, Cindy! It’s some part of the run that Vince has wrapped in duck tape. It’s not a chicken, but the thought of a chicken with a duck tape helmet cracks me up.

  6. 9


    Thanks for the ahhhhh post. I need something like this today.

    Duck tape helmet…that’s funny. Back to my cleaning of the sewing room…….thanks Judy, I am blaming this on you!!! 😉

  7. 10


    Wow, your backyard animals are so beautiful! All I see out here are mountain lions, coyotes, taggers … guess I need to move to MO!

  8. 12

    Deb says

    I’ve never actually seen a cicada, I thought it was a dead mouse! but, I didnt think you woudl leave a dead mouse hanging around!

  9. 13


    Is there a turtle in that shell? When I first read through the post, I thought the comment about “and this guy left his shell behind” applied to the turtle. And I was trying to imagine how a turtle gets out of its shell and walks away from it.