How Many Eggs?

How many eggs can one chicken lay in a day?  I really don’t know but am hoping some of you chicken experts can tell me.  Here’s why I ask.

I’ve been getting four eggs per day for a few days.  I was hoping to get five today.   It’s not unusual to get three in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This morning I got three . . as usual.  I went back out when I got home from lunch and a chicken was sitting on the nest so I left her alone.  I went back after about 30 minutes and there were three eggs in that one box.  All three were real close to each other.


The three darker ones were the ones I got this morning.  The three pinkish eggs were the ones all in one box.  I’m thinking that when I get the speckled looking eggs, they’re from a new layer.  The one on the left if real speckled and small, typical of a new layer.  The one on the right is a bit speckled and the one in the middle hardly has any specks.  The three pinkish ones are kinda unusual.  I did get a pink one yesterday but all the rest have been brown.

Could my Ameraucanas be laying pink eggs?  Could one hen have layed all three of those pink eggs?  The Ameraucanas have very small combs but they are starting to get brighter so if they’re not laying already, they should be real soon, right?



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    Chickens lay eggs every 25 hours given sufficiently sunlight. If I recall, they need 12-14 hours of light to lay an egg every day. In the winter you can hang a light in the coup to stimulate them for laying.

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    Gwynette says

    One egg a day!!

    I’ve had two or three hens squeeze into the same nest at the same time and lay together and after they get down, a fourth chicken will hop up there and lay another egg. Four in one nest in less than 15 minutes. DH built a nest for ‘each little hen’ but all 15 of them settled into the habit of using the same two nests.

    We have fancy bantams and he can bring in the eggs and I can tell him which chicken house (we have 4 small ones) each came from, then which hen laid what egg by the shape, size and color of the egg. It’s a game we play. I, too, was besotted with my chicks, but it only took about 5 years to get over that….. LOL!!

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    Gwynette says

    Sorry about the ‘double’ entry. Wind causing electrical glitches today……. silly computers!!!!

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    Oh, I just had an evil thought…it would be so much fun to be your neighbor and sneak extra eggs into the nests! Maybe even do some Easter-dyed ones.

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    hahaha….love Sue’s reply. I love to read these entries, though, as usually I learn something new and very interesting.

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    We have a large chicken house with 27,000 hens and 3,000 roosters(busy boys!) and are at almost 93% production. We’ve been told by our company that every 25 to 26 hours a chicken will lay an egg.

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      Sue H – that idea made me laugh!! If I was her neighbor, I could take one of my hard boiled eggs and put it into the nest – when I hard boil my eggs, I put in a few of the dry skin of an onion with the boiling water. It dyes the eggs a color, depending on the onions and usually I use cooking onions and the eggs look the colour of brown eggs.
      What would Judy think of that – her hens laying already hard boiled eggs?? 😉

      I do the onion thing so I can store the boiled and regular eggs together and you know which ones are all ready to eat!! (I usually do have them in another carton, but just in case I don’t have one, you can tell which ones are cooked. Years ago I had read about a way to colour easter eggs using the onion skins – wrap the eggs in the skins and then hold the skin on to the egg with a bit of cloth wrapped around it – wow, what beautiful eggs!! So that is where I got the idea of dying my hard boiled eggs!!)

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    Julie H. says

    My hens eggs vary in color and they are all the same breed, Rhode Island Reds. Some are pale almost pinkish to medium beige to dark brown. Each “girl” has her own color, shape, and shell texture. I’ve had some who always layed a spotted egg, some rough textured, some almost like porcelain. Those three pinkish eggs are all a different shape. My guess is three hens. I’ve suspected that I’ve gotten two eggs from a hen in a day but one was early morning the other late night. However, I’d safely bet money that one, beginning layer hen did not lay three eggs (or two for that matter) the same day in a short period of time. Sorry, just wishful thinking.

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    This is fascinating. No wonder you and Vince can set out with the chickens and just watch them. I am so glad you are raising chickens, I enjoy these posts.

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    Here in NC, when it is hot, the man we get our eggs from says they stop laying as many eggs. So that is terrific you are getting that many. Last week, we couldn’t get any because of the heat. Maybe his hens are more particular than other hens. So I look forward to them laying at their regular rate soon.