Not Much Cleaning

Cleaning . . I’m just not a good cleaner.  Never have been and probably never will be.  I can find more to do to keep from cleaning and then when I finally do start cleaning, I get side tracked so easily.

Wednesday I spent 3 or 4 hours ironing fabric.  You asked so I’ll show you one “before” picture.  The “after” picture isn’t ready yet . . might never be!


This is the bottom of the stairs in the downstairs kitchen area.  When I wash fabric, I toss it downstairs.  I could fold it neatly out of the dryer and take it down on my next trip but no . . I lean over the stair railing and toss the whole bundle down the stairs.  This is where the fabric ends up.  Some of this fabric has been there since before the Paducah show in April.  The rest was added from the Paducah show I think.

Those two wine bottles . . we didn’t drink the wine.  Our neighbor did.  And, he had the bottles sitting out with his trash and . . I just couldn’t let two nice glass gallon jugs with screw on lids go to waste.  They’ve been sitting there several months.  How’s that for not going to waste?

The fabric did get ironed Wednesday evening.  The wine jugs . . they’re still sitting right there.

And that little trash can . . you might think it’s full of trash.  Nope . . it was upstairs and it belongs in Chad’s bathroom.  It was upstairs to get cleaned and once it was cleaned, I filled it with “stuff” to bring downstairs . . about 6 months ago.  There it sits, still full of “stuff”.

Oh, I need help.  Who will come and help me clean??  Just what I thought  . . no one!  🙁



  1. 1

    Elaine says

    Why not was the fabric, put it on the line to dry, then fold it up and put it away, ironing only when needed?

  2. 2

    Deb says

    One of my very anal things is washing, ironing and putting the fabric away as soon as it comes home. It drives my husband nuts since there is usually “other” laundry to do, and can sometimes take DAYS.
    But we wont go there! We are going on vacation for 3 weeks to Washington, or I would come help, Judy. What fun to play in someone else’s sewing room! Our own gets so boring sometimes.

  3. 3


    Are you my long-lost sister? I take about the same approach to things and it drives me crazy… but I still do it! Too much to do, not enough time, so I run in circles.

    Ironing fabric… for the most part, I smooth and fold, put it away, and then iron as needed. This works best right out of the dryer. In this humidity it does not stay smooth after ironging anyway, so I always end up ironing it again as I use it to get the creases out, so why do it twice?


  4. 4

    Eve says

    Gee! Why iron it? It looks like it’s just waiting for me to come roll around in it! LOL!! Eve

  5. 7

    Denise says

    Heck Judy – I can still see carpet so that’s not so bad. 🙂 I’d come help but you’d probably make me sleep in the coop with the chickens – and I’ve read what you had to say about the “mean” chickens – they can’t be trusted. LOL

  6. 8


    Judy, Judy, Judy… you have to bribe us to come over and clean! 😉 I’ll take some eggs, fabric and a plane ticket. Sorry about the last one! 😛

  7. 9


    Oh, my…you and I together would be DOUBLE TROUBLE as I can procrastinate about cleaning like few others can!!!

  8. 10

    Rose H says

    I toss a dry bath towel into dryer along with the fabric I have washed. Seems to help reduce wrinkles to the point that only some of the selvedges need ironing before folding for storage. It also helps if I don’t dry too many fabric pieces at a time–fabric doesn’t twist as much when there is more room in dryer.

  9. 11

    Julie H. says

    I’m with Kathy E., press as needed.

    I have two matching clear glass bottles. I know a good use will turn up for them.

  10. 12


    I’m so glad to see other people with things piled around waiting to go up or downstairs. One good thing about NOT being a pre-washer is not having to iron or fold fabric — I can barely get the laundry and finished quilts washed as it is.