Cooling Down the Chicks

Yesterday was so darned hot.  I kept meaning to check our temps but kept forgetting. Chickens get hot too!  Chickens need calcium to build strong bones and teeth egg shells. Chickens love yogurt.


Two plates of  yogurts because my chickens don’t seem to have good manners, nor can 10 chickens eat around one plate without someone getting pecked.  They love yogurt!


Messy little eaters!  They get the yogurt all over themselves and then one goes after a glob on someone else’s back and first thing you know, we have a few ruffled feathers!


And, if you must see more, here’s a video of the incident.


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    Well…..I think they behaved in a very lady-like manner while you were filming them!!! Thanks for showing this…it was fun to watch.

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    Ruth Landon says

    Wonderful! Growing up my Dad always had chickens so I love he.aring and seeing about yours. Our day old chickens used to be delivered by the Royal Mail in England, then would live by the fire in the kitchen for a while. This was long before central heating was heard of in England.

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    Carol says

    Wow. I’ve learned so much about chickens. I never would have guessed they eat yogurt. I think you may need three plates to give every chicken equal access. LOL! Do they prefer a particular brand or flavor?

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    Pampered chickens are happy chickens. Your girls are very entertaining…….not entertaining enough for me to raise chickens again but it does bring back alot of memories.

    Karen L

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    Julie H. says

    Cooling the chickens off with yogurt…..not a bad idea. They love milk. I know of several old-time farmers who give their farm fresh milk surplus to the chickens and pigs. Keeping them cool is a good idea too. I lost one last week (it was over 110) to heat. I’m debating getting a misting fan for them. It is starting to cool off here though.

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    We had some friends over last night and one guy said he wanted to start a chicken farm. I immediately thought of you and your entertaining chickens. Only he didn’t want them for eggs but for the meat.

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    Jerzydeb says

    We used to freeze a big ice cube when we raised rabbits – as the ice melted – the rabbits could drink nice cool water – and a big bucket size cube would last all day !

    Love the film of the yogurt eating chickens – very entertaining first thing this a.m. 🙂

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    Chickens will most anything you put before them. Was always a toss up between chickens and hogs. Have raised both and they both eat anything you give them.