Drink Your Water

Dr. Pepper has been my drink of choice for years.  This isn’t something I’m real proud of but I drink 4 – 6 cans of Dr. Pepper (not the diet variety) every day and probably don’t drink a full glass of water ever.  I don’t like drinking from anything but the cans and I like the cans to be cold, even though I still put ice in my glass.  The fridges always have cold Dr. Pepper.


While I’m not saying I’m giving up Dr. Pepper, though I probably should . . I am drinking 8 glasses of water each day starting today. If you want to take the challenge also, you can click here.


This morning I filled a 2 quart pitcher with water, sliced a lemon in it and put it in the fridge downstairs where I spend most of my day.  So far, I’ve had half the pitcher and it wasn’t bad.  Except  . . I think I might have to move my sewing machine into the bathroom.  Next time I’m in there, I’ll see how many electric plugs there are!  🙂



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    Sew New says

    I don’t have to take the challenge! My gastroenterologist put me on a regiment of at least 45-60 ounces of water a day, one Activia yogurt and a few other essentials. It absolutely solved my lower abdomen pain. I don’t always get the whole 60 oz, but I sure try. It makes nighttime a real “adventure” if I drink too much too late in the day!!! I don’t even crave soda much anymore. Even if I didn’t have a problem, I would recommend more water for everyone. Our bodies NEED it.

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    Oh yeah, you have to drink some water. I’ve heard lots of bad stories of howpop leaches all kinds of stuff from your bones. One of my boys loves Pepsi and drinks far too much of it even though he knows there are health risks from it.

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    Good for you, Judy! I agree that ice cold water with a bit of fruit (lemon, lime, oranges) and mints taste so good during the hot weather. Ice tea, made with green tea, is also beneficial. Sweeten the stuff with stevia, a herb that you can grow, and it’s better!

    I checked out a few sites when I was trying to figure out how much I need to be drinking. Prevention Magazine mentioned a formula – 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. So, if you were 200 pounds, you need to have 100 ounces of fluids, or 12.5 cups. But, the Mayo Clinic said to consider all fluids, so the coffee, tea and Dr. Pepper do count in the calculations, though excessive amounts of those are not so good.

    Here are the references, if you are interested. (You can edit out these refs, if you don’t want them on your comment section….)

    Prevention – http://www.prevention.com/cda/article/the-benefits-of-staying-hydrated/3f1a0b233c126110VgnVCM20000012281eac____/weight.loss/diets/biggest.loser/biggest.loser.tips.tools

    Mayo Clinic – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/water/NU00283

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    quilterbee says

    I only drink pop once in a while and really don’t enjoy it much anymore because most of the time I get a stomach ache from it because I’m not used to it. I used to drink a lot of diet coke. I drink water or unsweetened ice tea with or without lemon. I also drink hot tea plain. Once you get away from the pop you probably will find you don’t like the acid in it anymore but the caffenine you are going to miss if you drink that many Dr. Pepper in a day.

    Good for you drinking your water. Your body will thank you.


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    Angie says

    I’m glad to read here you are easing up on the Dr. Pepper (not diet)– in aluminum can’s no less. I appreciate your honesty about knowing this is probably not the healthiest thing to be doing to your body cells. Good for you!

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    I DO drink at least 64 oz. per day of WATER – I even keep a chart on the Fridge to keep me on target. I have proved to MYSELF that the days I’m cranky, sluggy, depressed, are days when I’ve NOT drunk enough. Drinking a LOT, keeps me energized – honestly it’s the BEST drug I know of! No pop for me.

    And I am of the age when uh hemmm, hot flashes further deplete my body of liquids, so I drink even MORE to stay on top of it. Hope others get on board, especially if they are feeling lazy, sluggish, for no reason.

    Good for you with the water plan. And yes, those bathroom trips get tiresome, especially at night. Maybe put a little hand sewing next to the throne? LOL

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    I bet you that I have not had 4 cola sodas in my entire life! I absolute HATE sodas. I will dring ginger ale or sprite if I am sick but only as a last resort. I have always been a water drinker. Now, explain why I am not healthier?????

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    Hey, just stride briskly to the bathroom and that will count as your exercise!!

    I open, and not necessarily drink, two Dr. Pepper a day. Been drinking more water, but need to step that up. Might join you on this.

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    I’ve been back to drinking water again — I use the crystal light to give it a little flavor and I prefer filling up several rubbermaid bottles that I can carry around with me…I should be drinking even more but I’m working on it.

    My soda of choice is caffeine free diet coke but I don’t drink all that much of it.

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    If I drank 4-6 cans of any pop a day I’d never leave the bathroom. Plus, I’d soon have major indigestion, my system just doesn’t like pop any more. It’s either water or lemonade made with Koolaid mix and Stevia. I like Crystal Light Peach Tea but it’s made with corn syrup solids & sends my blood sugar soaring. Gettin’ older is just a laugh a day. LOL

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    Linda H says

    Oh, yes! Our bodies are made up of huge amounts of water. Got to keep that replenished. I can tell when I’m running low. Too little and my feet cramp, etc. Preventing those cramps and feeling better are great motivation for me to drink my water. If you like cucumbers, you can add a thin slice along with your citrus for a refreshing alternative to lemon water or plain water.

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    Amy says

    Ever since i got pregnant I have been drinking a minimum of 64 oz. While I was pregnant I only drank water – I am not that good anymore, but I have kept up the water habit.

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    Julie H. says

    I love Dr. Pepper too. I try really hard not to drink more than two a day. We all need to drink more water. I went off Dr. Pepper once and lost 30 pounds in about 6 weeks. Started drinking it again and……….you can guess the rest.

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    Good for you Judy! I can’t drink much fizzy stuff now that I’ve had the gastric bypass. I used to love the diet Dr. Pepper and the diet Cream Soda. Now it’s usually water or iced tea for me.

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    Jean Foglein says

    you go girl …. get off that Pop – (just think of the calories you will be saving) or were you drinking Diet …. if so, think of the chemicals you will not be drinking.

    our brain is 75% fluid, so it should make you way smarter …. don’t think we will be able to keep up with you then …. lol

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    I know I don’t drink enough water, either.
    Just wanted you to know that I thought of you and your bridge fear the other day. My family was traveling on I64 through Louisville, Kentucky and had to cross a big bridge. I don’t have much trouble with that, but the tunnels we drove through were kinda scary, the lighting is weird or something in them.
    Congrats on the eggs, too. We have chickens, but are still waiting for them to start laying.

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    pdudgeon says

    yep i’ve started keeping a shelf full of bottled Spring water in the fridge, and find that i drink more if the bottle is cold and handy.
    I also take a bottle with me in the car whenever i take even a short trip now in the hot Summer months. (A/C dehydrates me) and when i go walking outside. I go thru about four 16.5 bottles a day.
    and yes, i know where all the bathrooms are, but i figure it’s helping to keep my kidneys functioning well and my system both hydrated and flushed out.

    and double yes to the green tea.
    it’s good for you and helps with diabetes and really helps lower high colesterol.
    We get the Lipton Green Tea to Go sticks, (small yellow box in the tea aisle) and like the citrus flavor best.
    Empty one stick into a 16 oz bottle of water, shake, and you’re good to go.

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    Oh, yeah. Dr. Pepper is my vice of choice as well. I’m trying to get off it and I have actually made it over a month without a Dr. Pepper. Just water is hard for me, too. I make some of the Celestial Seasonings herbal ice teas. That way I get some flavor (even if it isn’t, as nothing ever can be, Dr. Pepper — what do they put in it anyway that makes it so darn addictive?).

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    Sherry says

    I really need to start drinking water. I just don’t like it. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but it leaves a metallic taste behind. I’ve tried putting lemon in it, using Crystal Light but I guess I just need to keep at it until I get used to it. Need to learn to drink tea without sugar also. Guess I’m addicted to the sugar. May join the water challenge, have to think about it.

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    Jo says

    For me, the key to switching to water over my favorite – Diet Coke – is to have very COLD water available. I will occasionally toss in a Crystal lite packet to flavor the water, but usually only in the afternoon.

    I have been working on losing weight the past several months, and I do weight myself dailly to see patterns from my daily habits. Overall, I can say that the water only days do see to be more favorable in the weight loss efforts than when I backslide and add in a few sodas. I don’ t know if I’ll ever get away from that 3 oclock soda. At work, I really need those bubbles to get my mind geared up!

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    Tamara says

    I too am a major Dr pepper fan. I limit myself to one maybe two a week. I have two 32 oz water bottles I try to empty every day. I take one upstairs with me and leave one downstairs so I have one close by at all times. Some days are better than others but I give it the old college try.

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    Jerzydeb says

    Loved the handsewing while on the throne suggestion ! Since I started WW years ago – I’ve been big on water – but did notice I started to slip to diet sodas (not particular here – whatever is on sale – but prefer Coke products to Pepsi). So I signed up for the challenge with you ! Thanks 🙂

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    Judy..I love water now too. I started because of Weight Watchers and they want you to drink eight a day. You know what? I used to have bronchitis three or four times a year followed by yeast infections from all the antibiotics and I haven’t had bronchitis in over six years. Could the water have something to do with it? Don’t exactly know but I am a friend of water now. Other than that I am a diet Coke fiend. I must have at least one big glass a day and I’m pretty crabby if I don’t get it.
    Water is good and I like lemon in it too.

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    Linda Zeider says

    I use to drink a liter of Classic Coke a day until my Dr scolded me about the sodium and calories I was consuming. He said most Pop drinkers have High Blood Pressure and weight problems in later life. Now I might drink one or two cans a week. I still have trouble drinking water. It has to have some flavoring for me to consume very much. Usually raspberry added to the filtered water from my refrigerator. So probably still some calories there.

    Linda Z

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    now i see how you get soooo much done judy; i was the same when I was drinking 64 oz of diet pepsi every day, now i am down to 2-3 cans at most, the rest water. i agree, though the water is essential, though inconvenient….

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    My choice of drink is Coke Classic, but In last 5 years only allow myself one in the morning for my caffeine. Then I have a large glass that I fill with ice and I have bottled culligan water and I drink several of those the rest of day. You are right make a lot of potty breaks but you need to get up from the machine and walk around anyway. Right.

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    Cindy says

    I’m glad you said that about moving the sewing machine, because my first thought was do you know how much time you’re going to have to spend in the dadgum bathroom?

    I applaud you. I don’t have the will or the way (although if all I had to drink was DP, it wouldn’t be a problem – Pepsi rules!).

    That water goes right through me.


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    Perfect timing for me Judy…I’ll join you in trying to drink enough water and cut out some of my chai tea lattes. I drink DDP occasionally though not like I used to, but the calories in the chai are killing me! blessings, marlene