Cajun Accent

You think I talk funny, you should hear my nephew.  I was trying to get him to talk so I could record his accent; mom was trying to tell him this story and I was trying to stop her because I knew she’d say a bad word.  You mostly hear me trying to stop mom from telling the story.  What a family!  🙂  I love to hear Craig talk and wish I had gotten more of him speaking.


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    Next time, you should let Craig tape something and have him describe what he is taping…..that way, he’ll be close to the microphone and we can hear his accent a lot better! (On this video, the accent we heard most was YOURS!!!)

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    peggy says

    Le bon temp roulez or is it roules? I so know that accent. Having family in New Orleans. Anyhoo, today I was at a nursery in Aptos, CA, where I live. They have a class on chickens in an urban environment. Right there, in front of me, were the sweetest little guys. Americaunas! I had such a discussion with the nursery owner about my virtual friend in MO. She was very interested in the yogurt for calcium. It’s a small world, after all.

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Loved to hear the Cajun accent! Craig has it. If you do, Judy, I can’t tell it. You sound just like me. But what do I know since I live not too far from Tulsa. BTW, your mom has such a lovely home. It always looks so wonderful in your photos.