Week 32, 2009 Stash Report

Stashbusting is a big waste of time!  I’m spinning my wheels.  My fabric must be doing funny things when the lights are out because even though I’ve used a net of 136-1/2 yards this year . . my shelves are more stuffed than when I started.  Explain that!  I haven’t unpacked any boxes of fabric that had been hiding in the closet.  My shelves haven’t gotten smaller.  I just don’t know!  Yes, I’m frustrated with it all.  I still love my fabric but my goal was to get all the fabric from three shelving units to two shelving units by the end of this year.  It’s not going to happen . . is it?  OK .. enough whining and complaining.  I’ll just need to sew faster.  Just 20 weeks left til the end of the year!

Used this Week:  4-1/2 yards
Used year to Date:  312-1/2 yards
Added this Week: nothing
Added Year to Date:  176 yards
Net Used for 2009: 136-1/2 yards

How’d you do this week?


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    pdudgeon says

    yes, but when you consider that you have 5 shelves (i think!) per unit, and each shelf probably holds 500 yards of fabric,…. that’s a lot to move! But you have made a beginning

    plus you’ve been putting time into canning and raising the chickens this Summer. Wait until Fall and Winter when there will be more time for indoor stuff to happen.

    Don’t get discouraged yet!

    ps. if your shelves are wide enough to accomodate the full width of the fabric, it would take up 1/2 the space if you opened up the fabric first and then folded it.

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    I recently had to clean up my sewing room so that I could use the daybed for quilty company. The bed was full of fabric I’ve purchased this year – fabric I’ve pulled out of my stash to consider for things – fabric left over from the projects I have worked on. So I just stuffed it into bins… one of these days I’m gonna have to empty the bins and find where it really belongs. I can’t buy more fabric – my bins are full… but wait… the bed is empty now… LOL

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    Denise says

    I’ve been behind in reporting but have now caught up I think . Ah but there may be a bag of fabric in the laundry room waiting to be washed. Dang

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    It IS the great mystery. And I’m finding myself taking WHOLE PILES of unknown stuff and moving them out of sight – hey, that’s major bad habit! All I can figure is that it’s getting ‘fluffed’ … (and whatever else goes on in thos dark fabric places!) ANd the worse thing is that the Quilt Shops are NOT helping at all!!!

    Keep up the good works!

  5. 7


    hahahaha…I don’t even TRY stashbusting as I know it won’t work here for a variety of reasons…..some I can figure out and others, like you, are a mystery to me!

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    Sandy says

    I have been so overwhelmed by the mess and clutter in my sewing room. It seems like I have to crawl into a “hole” to sew. SEWWWWWWWWWWW……..I hauled some of my fabric upstairs to the craft/model train/junk room to make more room in here. I almost have enough energy to begin sewing again. I also have mega skeins of yarn which I have managed to crochet 13 lap robes this year. I am under 100 skeins now so am making progress. I share your pain, Judy.

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    I have to agree. I know that I have purchased a “bit” of fabric this year but I know where it all is and it’s not on the shelves at all. And they are just as crowded as before. Not one pile seems to have gotten any smaller. I do have plans for lots of it and when I’ll have time to get around to them, who knows. And I’ve gotten rid of some other crafty things so there is more room in one of the cupboards. Oh well, at least I’m very aware of my fabric buying and trying to do something about it.

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    Angie says

    Your stash also increases when you take fabric off the shelf, cut it, piece with it, and then refold the remains—which then for some mysterious reason do not fit back on the shelf!!! It’s like something expanded into the space! Now what do you do with it. I just cut it up into 10″ squares and use it to make scrap backings….Mysterious happenings in the sewing room.

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    I lost track I think of what I’ve been using — not sure if it’s work catching up but I did piece 3 backs the other day that used some old stuff and that makes me feel good! If I ever start binding again — I’ll use even more as I have about 10 quilts here waiting to be bound.

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    I have NOT purchased any fabric this year, & I’m still overwhelmed with it all. I have a large walk-in closet floor to ceiling shelves full of fabric, 2 plastic bins that slide under my bed & 4 large plastic bins full of FABRIC. I’m on the wagon to complete every project that I have started (some go back 9 years!), will use lots of this fabric for backs, then get down to some serious quiltmaking!! Where did it all come from??
    Good luck to everyone, I sure need it.
    Wendy in fabric land.