Visiting Friend’s Chickens

A fellow quilter has recently gotten her first chickens too, only she started with about 40 chicks.  Her chickens are about 2 months younger than mine but she got all varieties.  Friday Vince and I rode out to visit with her and look at her chickens.  Told you it doesn’t take much to entertain us.


Here kitty, kitty!  Oh, wait . . that’s not a furry gray cat .. it’s a silky chicken!


More silkies.  The normal looking chicken is supposed to be part silky  . . not so sure I see it but what do I know?


And would you look at this rascal?  I already forgot what kind of chicken this one is but she’s all black with a white fuzzy head.  So funny looking!


Kathy is much braver than I am.  These babies had just hatched . . just hours before we got there.  The one in the back is ok . . so said Kathy.  I don’t think I would like hatching eggs but Vince is now looking for an incubator.  Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t find one.

Kathy has some adult cuckoo marans.  When the rooster crows, the little Silky rooster crows and the Silky sounds so funny.  I was trying to get a video of the two roosters crowing . . when the whole flock of chickens came rushing out of the run.  I thought something was after them . . you’ll notice the panic in my exclamation!   You may have you volume turned up to hear the roosters but about halfway through the video, I scream!  Turn down the volume! 🙂


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    Glenda says

    I can see Vince now, checking out the hatching machines !! But you do know that you need a rooster !! LOL Maybe you can get fertilzied [sp?] eggs elsewhere and you won’t have to worry. Oh !! I know ! I’ll bring you my 5 roosters !!! LOL Can you say road trip? Glenda

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    Kathy says

    Now Judy, you know Vince is free to borrow my incubators any time he want to. AND, I even have some fertile eggs he can experiment with (Cuckoo Marans, nice DARK eggs!).

    BTW, the bread was most delicious! Thanks so much!

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    Okay, why did they start running? I can’t hear very well on the video, but I could understand you Judy. But I couldn’t make out the other voice. That was great!