Busted . . Again!

My husband goes for weeks and weeks without looking at my blog but wouldn’t you know it . . today he was meeting with one of the guys where he’ll be teaching in the fall and Vince went to show him my blog . . don’t ask me why.  But, there was the Dr. Pepper in the keyboard post.  It wouldn’t have been so bad except he spent a good chunk of time this weekend looking for a new digital camera for me because  . . you guessed it . . Dr. Pepper in the camera.  Again . . it had to be the cat because I don’t have a clue how Dr. Pepper got in my camera.  Except . . I don’t have a cat!


One more Dr. Pepper down a piece of electronics and I may be in big trouble.  Scoot over girls . . there may be a new hen in the hen house soon.



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    Diane says

    Oh my goodness! I was wondering when he would read it. I just had a feeling, because that is how it works in this house. Ray never reads my blog until I write something I don’t really want him to know. 🙂

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    I feel your pain Judy… we are hard on digital cameras too… last year just before the twins turned 1 we had to go buy a new digital camera b/c David had it in his pocket and while playing in the floor with the kids rolled over on it – his car keys were in the same pocket 🙁 and then just this summer 13 months later… we are in KY riding on the Hay wagon and for some crazy reason I forget that the floor of the wagon is not smooth like a table and go to slide it across the width of the wagon to gie to David so he can get a “mommy and me” shot of me and one of the kids and I broke it. 🙁 the button to switch modes between camera/auto/and video is broke. won’t take any video anymore. 🙁

    so for now I’m stuck with a camera that will take photos but I can’t change the settings between night or day or indoor or outdoor…..

    at least Vince likes to buy stuff…. David does not. 🙁

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    LOL – maybe you should get a Schnoodle, Judy! Speck could use a pal, couldn’t he? You can blame anything on a schnoodle. They’re so cute, they get away with it. How’s the water drinking going?

  4. 5


    Keith goes for weeks without checking mine too and all the sudden he’s commenting to me about things I’ve written. I never really know what spurs him to actually read it.

  5. 8


    LOL…priceless…you crack me up so often that I visit you first each day. You asked why we read your blog..yes it’s the cooking and the quilting…Chad and Vinces antics and shopping addiction but mostly …your humor. Will that coop fit your long arm?

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    Sandy says

    Definately get a cat, Judy. A big cat with broad sholders who can take the blame….and who can guard you at the compost pile.

  7. 10

    Carol says

    I’m with KnittySue. Not only have I learned about the rat, the cat and the Dr. Pepper incidents but that shredded junk mail makes good compost. I’ve laughed throughout the blog and all the replies. Enjoy your cat. You will see how much a cat can add to your life.