I Do Have a Cat

Ever since I began blogging, people have told me that really interesting things happen in my life.  I have always thought my life was pretty ordinary . . just like everyone else’s life.  I may have just changed my mind.

A week or so ago, Chad said “Mom, did you let Speck use the bathroom in the garage?”  NO!  He swore to me that an animal had used the bathroom in the garage.  He had cleaned it up so I didn’t see it.

We had a huge rain earlier this week.  We have a Rubbermaid box full of peat moss in the chicken run for them to dust themselves.  It had gotten water in it and had no drain holes so Vince took it out.  I suggested we not leave the box out because a cat might use it as a litter box.  He brought the box in and stuck it under the Highlander.  It never gets used so storing things under it is a great idea! 🙁

Yesterday I noticed that it looked like something had pooped in the chickens’ dusting box!  No way . . it’s been in the garage.  Those chickens must’ve pooped in their own dusting box and I didn’t notice it before.  Chickens are like that, you know!

Chad came in this morning and said “Mom, we have a cat!”  NO!  It’s been living in the garage for who knows how long.


Chad managed to capture him and we have him in the little crate that we use for Speck when we travel.  Guess we’ll toss it and get Speck a new one.  We’ve given him food and water.  He definitely isn’t friendly, though he isn’t trying to kill us.

I do not want a cat.  After all, he’s already dumped Dr. Pepper in my keyboard and my camera!  🙂

Seriously, what am I going to do with him?  I know what animal control will do with him and that’s not an option.  Chickens and cats don’t usually work out so well . . even if I did want a cat . . which I do not.  Chad has named him “Mr. Kitty” . . he is not staying!



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    Julie H. says

    Set it free outdoors. We’ve always kept chickens and cats without incident. Mr. Kitty may earn his keep by patroling the compost pile. If you absolutely can’t live with an outdoor cat, find a farmer who might need one. A half-wild cat is the perfect farm cat.

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    Ahh, he just a baby, you might want to look around for others. IF you do keep him outside he will stop others cats from coming into his area, and you won’t have critter problems. We have one that found us when he was just a baby and I put food out for him and he comes and goes as he pleases, but I also don’t have neighbors so they don’t complain if a cat is running lose. You might want to put an add on Craigslist or freecycle in your area to see if you can find him a home that way.
    Good luck.
    Cleary K.
    P.S. I didn’t want a cat either but I have one now lol.

  3. 5


    Judy – your blog posts of late have been cracking me up!

    Now fate as stepped in, you need a cat, you need something to blame ha ha ha
    I think he should stay & be named Dr Pepper.

    We have cats & chooks & no problem.

    Love Leanne

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    Looks to me like Mr. Kitty has found himself a new home. I bet Momma Judy is in the kitchen cooking Mr. Kitty a very nice lunch. 🙂 😉

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    D. Seals says

    After Hurricane Ike, we said we would keep 2 dogs until we found the owners or things got calmer at SPCA and they could be adopted. Well, Ruby and Lil Bit said to tell you hi.
    Seriously, an outdoor cat is a good thing. I’ve had one for 11 years. But make sure you get him/her fixed. Good luck.

  6. 9

    Diane says

    Well…..I hate to say it, but unless you take drastic measures you DO have a cat. I was always told not to feed a cat or you own it. Not only did he find your place and “mark” it as his, but now you have fed it. Yep, you have a cat. Go ahead and say it…”Hi my name is Judy and I have a cat”…that is the first step. 🙂

  7. 11


    If you really don’t want to have the cat see if you can find a rescue group through petfinder.org in your area that may be able to take it.

    If you do decide to post on Craigslist or in the newspaper please put some kind of monetary charge in (you can use it for a donation to a rescue group, your fire department, rescue squad, etc.). . . . .”free to a good home” could mean Mr. Kitty suffers a fate worse than what would happen if Animal Control took him. (I’ve volunteered for an animal rescue group. . . and you don’t want to know what I have learned over the years.)

    Good luck,


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    Linda (Petey) says

    Oh my goodness!…You Do have a cat!! What will poor Speck think? You know that doxies take all the pet time any human can manage!

  9. 13


    S/he is so cute! You know that you have to keep him/her. S/he will definitely help keep rodents from your compost pile and chicken coop. Smart kitties do not mess with chickens!

  10. 14


    ROFLOL. This is SO funny! But at least you now know what spilled the DP on your electronics. Hey, name it DP – DeePee – Deepy – Deepie …….


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    Cynthia says

    Give it up Judy- Cats pick out their people, not the other way around. And if the people don’t act correctly the cats leave.

  12. 17


    I’m with Leanne…he stays and his name should be Dr. Pepper! This looks to be a baby, probably no more than 3-4 months…with lots of kind words and food, it will become friendlier. Poor thing is probably terrified and hungry.

  13. 19

    Angie says

    Since he has probably been living at your house for awhile, you might as well keep him. Just keep food & water outside for him. Don’t make him a house cat unless you want to. He will keep those rats out of your compost pile—and yes, it’s not a good idea to roam around the property at dusk without anyone knowing. I live out in the country in a heavily wooded area with a laguna that runs along the base of the hills and we do have a mountain lion somewhere out there—that I don’t want to meet up with. I was going to pick wild blackberries the other evening—but, thought better of it. Coyotes won’t bother you unless they are sick. Like rabid. Likewise fox. Mountain lions are another story though—-I really enjoyed seeing your sewing machine collection.

  14. 20

    Greg says

    My two cats think that you should keep Dr. Pepper. But you have to keep kitty away from your quilting fabric – cats love to sleep on it! Just think of all the new adventures that you’ll be able to blog about!

  15. 21

    Alison says

    Yup, the others have said it in one, you DO have a cat LOL! Cats often choose their owners. They say dogs have people and cats have staff – you’ve just been recruited ;o). At least now you can genuinely blame the cat for your Dr Pepper problems – tee hee!

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    lori R says


    Can you get him neutered? At least he won’t cause a population explosion. I work at an Animal Control, we do have adoptions of cats and dogs, here in Oregon. All my critters are adopted from there.

    We give out coupons for low cost spay and neuters, also there is normally a group that will help pay for surgery for ferals, they do trap S/N release.
    He will keep away pests for you also. Have fun

  17. 24

    Robin says

    I agree- you now have a cat!!! I never wanted one but my som joined the Air Force and now we have the cat- like the cat better than the dog. I also think Dr. Pepper or just Pepper is the perfect name!. Besides the chickens may peck at it and then it may stay away from them!

  18. 26

    Linda says

    Your chickens are big enough that a cat isn’t going to bother them. And you really NEED a cat…..remember that rat you saw?? Besides he looks like a really nice cat…..and you do need him to blame things on. Cats always find me when I need a cat….whether I knew it at the time or not.

  19. 27

    JoanS says

    I’m with the rest of the commenters – but then I’m biased. We lost a tuxedo cat just like him in December and the hurt hasn’t gone away enough that I want another one just now.

  20. 28

    Ruth Landon says

    Love your Mr Kitty! I bet he’s just chosen a really nice home.
    Speck will love a playmate.

  21. 29


    Okay I’m with the others…but drop the formal part of his/her name and call it Pepper. Go ahead and have Vince put in a cat door in the garage for the winter time, let him be an inside/outside cat and do the mousing for ya. He’ll keep the mice out of the chicken feed and out of the garage. Yep, gotta agree with everyone that’s posted…You my dear have a cat!

    • 29.1


      I’m going with the crowd. Pepper (perfect name!) will be a splendid addition to your little farm and will be no problem to the hens. You won’t have any mice or rats either. Just get it neutered (soon!) and put food & water outside so it can be an outdoor kitty. Before long Pepper will be purring in your lap!

  22. 30

    pdudgeon says

    LOL yep you’ve got yourself a cat. an indoor/outdoor cat is just what you need there. all he needs is an in/out door, an old quilt to curl up on, and some food and water twice a day.

  23. 31


    Don’t toss the crate Mr. Kitty is in. You can sterilize it with a bleach solution or give it with kitty to a new home or give it to a rescue group. I bet Mr. Kitty would take care of that rat for you though!

  24. 32


    I like Mr. Kitty – Kitty will handle rat. You are one funny writer! I had to rescue a bird again tonight from my bird feeder. I wonder if it was the same one. Bird is fine.

  25. 33


    Put on the big girl undies and smile. You’ve got a cat. 😉 Seriously, cats keep all kinds of critters away so we never turn them away when someone drops them off at our house. And they have so much personality. Cheap entertainment too because everything is a toy to a cat.

    Since Pepper (I think that needs to be his name too) likes to sleep in the garage…take a ride to WalMart and get a “Litter Maid” litter box system. They’re so easy to keep clean and practically no odor at all. Show it to him and he’ll stop pooping in other places.

    Congrats on your new family member. He really is adorable.

  26. 34

    Toni says

    I swear, I was gone for a few hours and now our Judy has not only a rat but now a cat. I need to stay on line 24/7 to keep up with Judy!!.

  27. 35


    He / she is unfriendly because of being scared and not around people very much…and probably was hungry, too. The poor thing will become friendlier in time…just be patient….and don’t let him / her scratch you as the poor thing hasn’t had any shots yet, I am sure. It is very cute, though. I think you should keep it and let it scare the rat……..it won’t hurt the chickens if you are feeding it….as it won’t be hungry. The rat should be scared to come around with the cat there.

  28. 36


    Some people will go to any length to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions — I can’t believe you blamed the cat you didn’t even know you had for spilling the Dr. Pepper 🙂 !!

  29. 37

    carol says

    as the maid/butler to 3 inside cats, and the feeder to 7 outside cats, some free range ones, you are now OWNED by a cat. Mr. Kitty has a name and you have fed and watered him and stabled him, and you will care for him, if he stays in a carrier for 30 days, taken care of, he WILL stay around you. I tamed a wild kitten and today it rained for the first time o f his life, and I was gone-he loves water! he came to
    me as I drove up soaking wet, he didnt know he wasnt suppose to be out in it. I keep him in his large dog crate carrier on t he front porch at nite cause we have critters he doesnt know what to do wiht. today he challenged DH’s dog and the dog gave in. lol. Congratulations

  30. 38

    Evelyn says

    You absolutely MUST have a cat to keep the mice/rodents away! Definately, a cat is worth their weight in cat food. Since he is already in the crate – bring him to the vet and get his shots and then when he is the right age he/she will have to get fixed. The thing about stray cats – they seem to attract other stray cats. We now have 5 stray cats and it will be my job this month to capture them all up and get them to the vet – which is 3 hours away, sigh. Out of mine, only 1 is very friendly and we have had him for 1 year, but we like all of them, even little Spook – who is called Spook because that tiny thing is afraid of everything – even his own shadow!

  31. 39

    Linda H says

    Oh, little Pepper is so cute. Who couldn’t love that sweet little face. And once he gets a little bigger, that old rat had better look out. Just don’t over-feed him or he won’t be hungry enough to want to hunt down mr. rat. Once he gets a good flogging from a mad hen, he probably won’t bother them again. But, maybe the cat food should be kept in the garage rather than outside because outside it could attract all kinds of undesireable critters including mr. rat’s relatives and skunks, raccoons, even bears. Oh, my! And other cats. In fact, my DH feeds dog food to the deer once the fruits and berries are gone. I suppose they might try the cat food, too. Welcome to Judy’s zoo! lol Seriously, an indoor/outdoor cat is the best…less hair/dander/fleas in the house, less litter box changing to worry about. Have fun!

  32. 40


    You know Judy, I am a die-hard dog lover. For years I was anti-cat! Hated them! They were worthless.

    Then I found my first cat in my garage at our old house. Much like you. While trying to find her a home, I tolerated her. (And she tolerated me!) I never ended up finding her a home so I kept her. She was a great cat.

    Now we have Shelby the Cat. Love him. We have our dog Max too, but there it something about the simplicity of a cat. I think I will always have one now.

    If my sister saw this comment, she would fall over dead!

    Give it a try, you might be surprised how low-maintenance a cat is, and loving!

  33. 41


    Aww. How cute. Cats choose their people, not the other way around. You are now the proud (well, maybe not proud yet) ‘owner’ of a kitty-cat. Mr. Kitty, aka Dr. Pepper, looks quite content to stay in your garage. I bet he’ll get on just fine, and if he stays an outdoor cat you’ll hardly know he’s around most of the time.

  34. 42

    Sandy says

    I always found when one of the kids named an animal…we had a new pet. Good luck, Judy

    Do college dorm rooms allow pets? lol Dr. Pepper might like college ( or Pepper for short)

  35. 43

    Kathy says

    Unlike everyone else …. I do not like cats. But, my dear daughter does. So, a cat lives here, (outside & in the guest house garage). Guess who takes care of the cat? Hint: not dear daughter!

    On another note, you can call, “People for Pets,” in your town, and they will rehome the cat for you! This is a free service they offer, I believe. The phone number is on, “The Trader Show,” (11AM – 12N) on your local radio channel every day.

    Good luck! Hey, I’m with you …. get rid of it!

  36. 45


    I am going against the crowd. Feeding it outdoors may attract other things, too, like his bro and sisters. Unless you are a cat lover, do not keep this guy, girl. You will have more food to buy and once they start eating cat food, they get pretty lazy. (Hint: not interested in other varmin for lunch) I have gone throught several cats in my youth, and am strickly a dog lover. So I may be biased? LOL All kittens are cute, but they grow up to be???????

  37. 46

    Dorothy says

    OH this is fun! You do have cat! “My” cat adopted me too, he is solid black and is very protective of me! I put my vote for Pepper, but echo all the comments about getting the surgery for the little fluff ball soon!