My Machines

Most of this post is a re-post but I’ve had a couple of inquiries about what machines I use most.

My newest machine is a BabyLock Decorator’s Choice.

In 2007 while at the Paducah quilt show, I bought a Babylock Decorator’s Choice machine. The story about the trip is here. I’ve never bonded with that machine. It’s a good machine and I like it . . but I like others better. I do believe my Bernina 1230 is one of the best machines ever made. I totally love this old machine.

You may remember that I had a few problems with it earlier this year . . mostly it just needed some routine maintenance and had never been to the shop since I bought it 20 years ago.  The repairs/cleaning cost me about $60 and it’s good as new again.  I love it!

I also have a Bernina 930 that I bought in maybe 1983 or 1985.  It still works great but I like the 1230 better.

I have 4 (I think) Singer 301 machines, several of them being in cabinets.  There’s one of them set up at all times in my sewing room. The 301 makes a perfect stitch.

I have Featherweights too. Dad gave me another green one since this picture was taken. They’re great for carrying to retreats or road trips but, in my opinion, they don’t compare to the 301 when it comes to really sewing.


This is the treadle we recently found at a garage sale.

If I had to guess how many sewing machines I have, my guess would be 15, but that’s purely a guess.

Will I ever buy a new sewing machine? Probably not. If I did quilting on my sewing machine or if I had any desire to do machine embroidery . . maybe. But for now, my priorities with my sewing machines are a good stitch and a perfect 1/4″ foot. I consistently get both with the Bernina 1230 and Singer 301 machines so . . why would I want something else? That’s what I thought you would say! 🙂


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    Wow…look at those featherweights…We went on a beach vacation this past June and I mentioned something about getting a featherweight and my DH simply said, why…just take your Viking we’ll make room…but I think those featherweights are so dang cute!

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    Mary Powers says

    I have two 301s, too, but just couldn’t resist a sweet little Featherweight I saw at an estate sale Friday. That’s the model I learned to sew on and I have been mourning its disappearance during a cross-country move for 3 years.

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    I told hubby you had all the featherweights and he wonder if they were for sale. Silly man, when you have that many, you are a collector. I have him looking for old machines for me all the time, esp after he “passed up” a FW at a gun show so his buddy could buy it. Bad hubby! 😉

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    Bobbie says

    I have a Bernina 1020 that I’ve had for probably 15 or 20 years and its the machine for me. I don’t do any fancy stitching and it has several stitches on it–I use some of them sometimes, but they are the plain old common ones. Then I have a Singer Featherweight that I love–talk about a perfect stitch. I take it when I go away from home to sew. And if the 1/4 in. foot isn’t perfect on both machines-its dang close. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Cindy says

    7? 7 Featherweights? Why do you have 7 Featherweights? Do they all have cases?

    They are just so dang cute, aren’t they?

    Want to sell me one of the green ones?

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    Martha says

    I love the 301’s! I just bought one this spring, paid $15. I don’t know how I lived without it. Perfect stitch, lightweight, easy to move around. Great for our lake house. I also have a white/green Featherweight and my Bernina 1090. Both wonderful machines. Yesterday I bought a Singer 185K. Nice little machine but weighs a ton. Put my back out moving it around yesterday. But I got it cleaned all up and it runs great. You can never have too many machines!

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    At one time I had two FW, a Juki and Pfaff. I now have a Bernina QE 75th Anniversary edition and a FW. I could probably use another machine, Just not sure where I’d Keep it 🙂

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    The 1230 and the 1260 WERE the best machines ever made. Don’t ever let ‘er go. I knew it was time to pass on my 1130, but I really wish I had her back.