Abusing My Friends

I have two “local” friends that I call upon when I have to drive great distances because of . . you know what!



Oh, it gives me the heebie jeebies just seeing these pictures!  But, I have two long trips coming up and I’ve already had these  friends each commit to getting me over the bridges on one trip.  One will go with me to the middle of Kansas and one will go with me halfway up Nebraska.  So, when I have to make a trip just past Kansas City, but across a scary bridge, I can’t impose on my friends.  This is the river I have to cross.


Vince said you can’t do it!  I’ve crossed that bridge and you cannot do it! Oh, how I hate being told I can’t do something but . . can I do it or not?  The ladies at the guild where I’m going to speak have offered to meet me and drive me across but for two reasons, I’m going to try to do it.  First, I hate putting other people out because I’m a wimp and second, I’d have to clean out my car before I’d consider letting someone else see it!

By the time you’re reading this, I’ve either made it or I wimped out.  Anyone want to guess what happened?  I’m feeling really brave but I always feel really brave til the bridge is in sight.

As soon as I get back to my computer, I’ll report in!  If you never hear from me again . . you’ll know I tried and didn’t make it! 🙁



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    You’re gonna make it! You are not the only one that has this issue. My friend has a problem going over really tall expanses of freeway as well as bridges. She will do it if she absolutely has to, but if there’s anyway she can use city streets, she does. This doesn’t work so much for bridges. : )

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    Marilyn says

    I have confidence in you……….I say you made it and immediately called Vince
    to tell him so.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I hope you just looked straight ahead at the tail end of the vehicle in front of you. Don’t even think of looking to the side. Pretend there are bushes and grass next to the road. You can do it.

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    This is an interesting phobia but not uncommon. You were probably on London Bridge in a past life – LOL. Seriously, if you can chase away feral cats you can conquer the bridge. Once over the bridge the roads are flat and straight and calming… Nebraska is a pretty great state and the people are fantastic – your heart will settle in no time! I’m sure you were fine!!

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    Linda says

    That first bridge picture makes me wonder how big trucks make it up & over………looks more like a roller coaster ride than a bridge.

    Once you get into Nebraska most bridges are pretty tame, you’ll be OK. Where are you coming to in Nebr.?

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    I hope you made it. I used to feel the same way about cloverleaf exits from the interstate. I was always sure I would drive off the edge. I still break out in a sweat and have to breathe slowly, but I make it around. I hope you do too.

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    I think you made it. I have the same fear of the tunnel portions of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel….because they have it be one-lane each way but at a TOO-FAST speed, in my opinion. I worry on any trip that requires going through those two tunnels. AND…..now I’m fearful of trees, too…since that one fell on our house a couple of weeks ago. So….don’t beat yourself up about having some of these fears. BUT…I still think you made it across this bridge and will make it back, too.

  8. 15


    I hope you made it. Perhaps driving in the left lane, just concentrating on the road ahead?

    Have you ever considered taking a lesson with a driving instructor with a second set of controls, so you could practice?

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    Evelyn says

    Oh Judy – I am sending good thoughts your way. However it turns out, just be safe – that is the important thing!

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    I hope you made it one way or the other. There used to be a terribly small rickety bridge across the Missouri River at Hermann. We made both girls drive over it before they could take their driving tests. It was so crumbly parts of it would fall into the river as you crossed it. Both of them did great!!
    They have now replaced the bridge with a great wide one with a passenger walk and lights and everything…

  11. 19

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Of course you made it! And if you didn’t, so what? You work hard, cook great, sew like a professional, think of others, give quilts to the helpless . . .

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    Sandy says

    I get sweaty palms and a pounding heart just thinking about going over bridges like that. It makes me nervous going across the bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Louis. I believe you can do it, Judy. And if you do, I am going to try it too. Good luck!

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    I learned to just look straight ahead. Helps me if I am behind a semi…I don’t look to the side, and by the time I am over it, I know everything the back of the truck says!

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    Look how thoughtful of the first bridge I-10 or the “old bridge” is – they’ve put a dumpster so you can empty out your stuff so it’s nice and tidy when your “pitch hitter” driver takes over. I know you made it! even if someone helped you…. maybe that chicken was afraid of laying eggs and that’s why her egg looked different. ya think? let’s just suppose.

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    Bobbie says

    I know what you mean about driving where there might be trouble-Mountain roads are my fear-I can drive them if the weather is good and no snow or ice on them, but if its that the case-and I have to, I’m usually crying when I get over the pass. Good Luck and (famous words) “Don’t Worry” Hugs, Bobbie

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    Judy, I hope you made it -don’t dwell on where you’re at-Deep Breathe! You can do it!! Mind over matter. I used to have the same fears about driving on the So. Cal. free-ways, BUT I can do it with the best of them! Eighty, eighty, eighty! And we arrived alive. You’re brave-look at all you do! I enjoy your web-site-you make me laugh out-loud! Mary