I Do Not Have a Cat


Poor Mr. Kitty!  He’s gone.  We had him in the little dog crate.  Chad took the old wooden box chicken coop and cleaned it all up, put it on fresh grass, put a cover over it so he could be in the shade, put food, water and a litter box in there.  When he went to transfer Mr. Kitty from the dog crate into the wooden box, he escaped and . . like a rocket . . he was gone . . into the woods.  Chad searched for him for a long time and he did find him once but he ran away before Chad could catch him.

Just for the record, we cannot have an outside cat.  We live in the city and nothing can be running loose . . except for a few teenagers!  It’s real hard to keep them on a leash (teenagers).  I know . . I tried.  Thank goodness Chad is now 21.

Not to be mean but it doesn’t matter how cute or how sweet a cat is . . there won’t be an inside cat at my house.

And for those who think having a cat will keep the rodents away . . we have at least 4 feral cats who hang around and come out of the woods every now and then.  They’re fat and happy.  I know they’re fat and they seem happy enough . . til they aggravate my chickens and then I throw shoes at them and scream like a crazy woman and they run into the woods thinking . . whew . . we got away from the wicked witch!

And for those who think cats will not bother chickens . . not so.  Cats are definite threats to chickens.  Maybe a cat or two can be trained to leave chickens alone but folks . . chickens are birds.  Cats like birds!  My chickens are completely secure (I think) but the cats scare them and cause them to fly into each other, into the side of the run, into their water/feed containers.

That little visitor caused lots of excitement around here.



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    I sure hope you catch him and the other feral cats because if they don’t get fixed… you are going to have a LOT more Mr. Kitty’s interested in those chickens.

    In my town, we have a no kill shelter who will fix feral cats if you can catch them. Maybe your town has something similar.

    Good Luck! Once they start breeding- the population explodes!

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    Linda says

    He’s really a very cute little cat and I say that if teenagers can be allowed to run around loose, so should cats. I just read in the ordinance book the other day that our town has some silly ordinance about cats only being out on leashes……….I wonder if the Town Board has tried that?? LOL

    The chickens on the farm where I grew up must have been a lot tougher and meaner than yours because any cat who even thought about bothering them got pecked good until he changed his mind. Of course they were free range and not penned up so maybe they felt braver because they had more opportunity to get away if pecking didn’t work. Maybe our cats were just “chicken.” LOL

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    Well, I wouldn’t say he’s ‘gone’ yet….. cats are very good at hiding, till they feel it’s safe to come out – or better yet, they want to!! I think your little freind will be back, even if only to visit…… Call him “Pepper” anyway, like “Peppers back!!” and you all will know what/who your talkin’ about!!
    We have gotten ourselves a cat again……but it’s okay.
    Enjoy your day, and keep on doing what you do!!

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    I like the ending of this story. It reminds me when a well meaning friend just thought I really needed a cat. She brought it to work in her arms, found a box to keep it in so they could pet him all day. So when I picked him up and put him in the car, great, he was happy, and I thought, she was right, I probably need this kitten. When I drove up in the driveway, I was planning my talk to hubby, son, and Blue, our dog. I opened the car door, and before you could blink that kitten tore out of there like lighting. I was so shocked, I just stood there a few seconds, before I started after him, Here Kitty, here, kitty. We never found him. Thankfully.