My Family Loves Me Most When . .

I make meatballs.   As soon as Vince and Chad smell meatballs cooking, they’re both so nice!  They tell me thy love me, Chad goes out and gives the chickens fresh water, Vince offers to not complain when the Discover Card bill arrives.  Not really . . he thinks the louder he roars, the less I charge but the truth is  . . . the more I charge, the farther away I travel away from home when the Discover Card bill should be arriving!  None of that is really true . . just halfway true! 🙂

I don’t like spaghetti & meatballs but I do make them . . only so Chad will give the chickens fresh water and Vince will not complain about the Discover Card bill.


Lots of ground beef, spices, onions, garlic.


After adding the bread crumbs soaked in milk, it’s not looking too appetizing, is it?


Mix it all in and it doesn’t look so bad anymore.  Last week I made 6 dozen meatballs for the freezer.  That should get us through the next month!



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    Judy, I’ve been making recipes for the freezer and meals down the road. My DB loves meatballs and I would love to make them and freeze them for him. Would you share your meatball recipe with us? I already have stuffed peppers in the freezer. He wants cabbage rolls next. I’m making them today.

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    Tamara says

    What I’d like to know what time dinner is served?? They look good to me. I have a friend that makes me meatballs for my birthday. One of my favorite birthday presents. I try make them last for a while. It’s a nice treat to remember them when thinking of something for dinner.

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    I love making meatballs with my granddaughter. She likes using the scoop 🙂 and I love going to the freezer and getting something out for dinner that takes little time to prepare. Hmmm, meatball subs for lunch?

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    Greg says

    Hey, Judy, can you give us a rough idea of your recipe? My meatballs are just ok, not great. It would be great to have a new recipe to try. But mine will have store bought eggs!

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    pdudgeon says

    aaah! the breadcrumbs soaked in milk must be the key.

    do you bake or fry your meatballs? i’ve heard of doing it both ways and just wondered.

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    this is what I am doing today!!! But I don’t only make meatballs, I make all kinds of things – just so I can freed the freezer, then sew or do what ever I am doing that day, knowing dinner just needs to be thawed and it’s all good!!! And having meatballs (and burgers!!) are two of my favorite things to have!!!
    Ahh, Judy, they love you anyway!!! It’s just nice that they will do those little things because your making meatballs!!!

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    Would you share the recipe?? I couldn’t find it in your list.
    I’m thinking my family will love me best too. 😉

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    Diane says

    Do you think if I used really lean beef and egg beaters this might be able to be used in a low fat/low cholestrol/pre-diabetes diet? 🙂
    My husband loves my spaghetti sauce but I make horrible meatballs.
    I have learned by just tweaking a bit most recipes are fine. We are finding most of the problems arrive with portion sizes. Ours were WAY too big.

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    Quiltinggranna says

    I’ll add my request for the recipe. You mention making them often and I have wished you would post it in your recipes. Would be great to make up ahead of time and take to our upcoming retreat.

  10. 10

    Judi says

    Those sound yummy, I can meatballs or hamburgers everyday. Yes please share your receipe.

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    Well, I could have sworn I asked for your recipe, too. Please?!! Mine taste good but they’re too dense. I didn’t think to do breadcrumbs.

  12. 13

    Sherry says

    Judy, I’ll add my voice to the requests for your recipe. Mine are
    all right but not really great. Do you bake or fry them? When you
    freeze them, do you freeze them in sauce or by themselves?
    What’s the best way to freeze without getting freezer burn?
    That’s why I have a problem with freezing. You need to do a
    whole blog on freezing (meatballs, lasagna, soup, stew, etc.)
    Thanks, Judy!

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    Another request for your recipe, please. I have never, never made them because I just don’t think I could! LOL But with your recipe, I bet I could. Wouldn’t my family faint!

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    Judy I too would like to have your recipe. Ours are kinda dry when my husband makes them. Maybe soaking the bread crumbs could help. Please tell all.

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    Nutz4Redwork says

    Going to add my request too. I’m nutz for meatballs.

    This is the first year that I have canned everything in sight and if I don’t can it, it has been blanched and put in the freezer.

    I can’t stand the frozen meatballs that you can buy at the market and would really appreciate you sharing your recipe.

  16. 18


    I’m lucky that Keith pays no attention whatsoever to the bills. He makes the money, I pay the bills and spend it. He just doesn’t care what I spend.