Darned Laptop

There are three things I want to post about and my laptop will not read the card from my camera.  Yes, I could go downstairs and turn on the desktop but I’m just too tired lazy.  I have no idea why the laptop has stopped reading my memory cards.  It isn’t a problem with the card . . Vince is sitting right here and his laptop reads them.  And, one thing for sure . . Dr. Pepper was not involved this time.

Actually I have a headache and am more in the mood to go to bed and read than anything else.

I put the “e” button through the dishwasher and now it works fine but that’s the desktop . . not this computer.  The camera got sent back to Sony Friday.  I wonder what they’ll say . . think they’ll notice there’s Dr. Pepper in there?  My guess is they will notice and they’ll send it back to me and say . . “Sorry, you slob!  Keep the sticky soda away from your next camera!”

Now I’m either going to have to buy a new laptop or send this one back to Toshiba to get it fixed and I don’t have an extended warranty so even though I’ve only had it since December . . do I want to mess with sending it back for warranty work?   Maybe Vince will have mercy on me and do it . . I do not like that kind of stuff.  He did talk to Sony and send the camera back so . . I think I’ll go be real nice to him and see if he’ll do that for me.



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    I saw a whole bunch of card readers on Amazon. They plug into the USB port. Maybe you can trick your laptop into reading cards again. And the prices were only about 10.00 or less. Way less than the grief of sending it back.

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    Evelyn says

    On one of my computers I have to use a USB cord to connect the camera to the computer – and it reads it that way. On another computer – that doesn’t work so I have to take the card out and insert it into the computer. I don’t really care how it works, I just want it to work! It is DH’s job to figure it all out for me. Good luck in getting yours straightened out.

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    Hi Judy. I sometimes use a card reader attached to my computer via USB and sometimes I plug the camera into the USB port – camera has to be on but it works – altho since you don’t have the camera that’s not an option right now.
    I can relate – it’s frustrating when something doesn’t work the way it should. I hope you went to bed & read.

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    Robin says

    I don’t know if it’s a memory card problem or the brand. We had a Toshiba lap top and right after the warranty ran out it started having problems with not keeping a charge even while plugged in. My SIL had problems with his Toshiba also and wound up complaining and getting a new one sent to him. Needless to say we now have a different brand- we tried an Acer and so far ( knock on wood!) it’s been OK.

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    Linda says

    why mess with sending the laptop in? Just buy a cheap card reader, that will probably read a variety of cards, and plug it into a USB port when you need it. Lot less hassle & no doubt MUCH cheaper since your laptop is out of warranty.