A Project?

Who wants to do another project?  Maybe a “Back to School Project”?

If you’re not going to do it no matter what we do, you can just skip this post.  If you might be interested, please tell me which of these options you prefer:

(1)  Quilt for an Hour:  You would see the top (or maybe the quilt if I get it all done) ahead of time and know exactly what you’re going to be making.  Instructions are posted each weekday.  The instructions for each day should take about one hour to complete.

(2)  Quilt Along:  You’d also see the top ahead of time.  You would have to sign up and would be given a date to complete the steps.  In order to receive the next step, you would have to have submitted a photo of the previous step . . completed or mostly completed.  If you miss a deadline, you’ll receive no farther instructions.  I understand everyone has different time constraints but I think the average mom/housewife will not be rushed with the time frame if you truly have some sewing time several days a week.

(3)  Mystery:  You’d be given the fabric requirements and dates for instructions to be posted but you wouldn’t know what you’re making til it’s done.  You would know ahead of time what size the finished quilt will be and you’d see my fabric choices.  (If we do the one I’m thinking, you can use a good bit of scraps/stash.)  I wouldn’t rush you too much but you are going to have to work.

(4)  Labor Day Quiltathon/Mystery:  Probably starting on Thursday before Labor Day, we would begin posting and you’d have to work your tail off to keep up but by the end of the day on Monday, you should have a completed top.  You’ll go four nights with no sleep! Not really but it will be work to get this top done.

Hint:  There are no half square triangles!

You have til the end of the day August 19 to get your vote counted.  Thanks for taking the time to vote.


  1. 1

    Sandy Bunnell says

    Judy they all sound like fun however for number 2 I still donot know how to load pictures.

    I am making your peaches and cream quilt but using green blue pink yellow and a print from scraps. Ooy vehy
    but am loving it.

    Enjoy your blog so much. Sandy B

  2. 2


    Oh…my wedding anniversary is on the 19th and that’s the day of the decision, so I think I should get to decide……don’t you??? hehehehe (I voted for Quilt for an Hour).

  3. 3

    Angie says

    I would like to do all of the above!–but realistically I don’t need to start another project! I voted for quilting for an hour which I desperately need to do! This morning I was up at 5:30 am and stayed in my sewing room until 7:30. The house was quiet. No phone, hubby was sleeping. am. I really enjoyed the time stitching away. Seems I’m always trying to fit in 15 mins. here, 30 mins. there of time in the sewing room between life here on Timber Hill which is demanding with so many everyday things that require our attention. This may be a good method of getting more time to sew! I’m a morning person anyway. My eyes are so tired at night, sewing is not a good idea. I also make more mistakes cutting and piecing at night. One hour will fit my morning just perfect!

  4. 6

    Marie says

    I voted for the quilt for a hour because even if I cant get the sewing done I will still be able to get the instructions to finish later. (I will be going on vacation in a few weeks).

  5. 7

    Carla says

    I enjoyed your last Quilt Along.
    It was fun, even if my Elna died and I had to use my old Brother.
    I don’t like the word hate but I really do hate that old machine.
    Seeing how my camera program isn’t up and running right now,
    I voted for Quilt for An Hour

  6. 10


    I love the idea of a “Back to School Project” as starting tomorrow is Nora’s first day of KINDERGARTEN!

    My first baby will be gone from me alllllll day 🙁 and all weekend I’ve been tearing up just thinking about it.. I know she si gonna love it and her teacher and all of her new friends… but for me it’s like the “beginning of the end” so to speak…b/c for the past 5 years “I’M” the one who has been her best friend… not some school kid who will one day say mean things and break her heart. :/ bitter sweet.

    so yes mark me down for the “Hour A Day” With the twins napping after lunch that will gie me something to look forward to and not miss Nora so much…. well I’ll still miss her b/c she is my sewign room buddy… but you know 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. 11

    Robbie says

    I think they all sound great! But the Labor Day choice won’t work for me since we will be out of town. So, I won’t for any of the other choices!!!

  8. 12


    I voted for a mystery because I love the fun and suspense. But I would enjoy any of these. The labour day weekend we will be camping but I could catch up when I get back.

  9. 15


    I wish I could start another project – I’ve decided to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year including a quilt for my son (haven’t started), a quilt for my daughter (done but not quilted), a quilt for my grandson (done but not quilted), lap throws for 2 of the granddaughters (not started), pajama bottoms for the kids, aprons – the list goes on……..

  10. 16


    I think I can managa an hour a day even though I have 2 quilt tops to make for grandchildrens weddings by Oct. Also have to make pillow cases to match. But I will do the one hour aday for myself.

  11. 17


    I cannot resist another wonderful Judy Design……….

    The Hour a Day seems to work best for my schedule. Not so overwhelming.

    I am ready……………..

  12. 18


    Labor Day week-end is our Local county Fair time, so I voted for the Mystery. I can at least print the clues. I’m in the middle almost of my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, as seen on my design wall’s in past posts. Our Quilt Festival is mid September so not much pressure, but I can’t start on another quilt until this one is farther along. I still have the borders to put on my BIG STAR too!

  13. 19


    I’ll do anything but the Labor Day one. Hard to download instructions while tent camping.
    I like the Quilt Along and Hour plans because I’m more likely to stay on track in smaller segments. Sadly, my Big Star is still a bunch of Flying Geese and they don’t seem at all interested in becoming Stars in the near future.