My Lucky Day

The chickens are still new enough for me that I check for eggs a dozen times a day.  I’m still waiting for a blue or green egg from the Ameraucanas and either they aren’t laying or they’re laying brown eggs.  Yesterday morning I went out to check eggs and two hens were in the laying boxes.  I have three boxes and only the middle one was without a hen.  I didn’t want to disturb the two who were laying so I walked away without checking for eggs.  By the time I got back out there, I had 2 eggs in each box, for a total of 6 big brown eggs.   I’ve never collected 6 eggs at one time, though I do sometimes get 6 eggs in one day.

I’ve been using the older eggs first but one of the eggs looked longer and bigger than the rest of the eggs.  I was making a cake that needed 5 eggs so I cracked the big one this is what I got!


A double yolk!  Isn’t that just so exciting?  Then I remembered that one of the eggs Vince had gotten on Friday while I was out of town was a really big one so I got it out and cracked it too.  Yep, another double yolker.  I read that it happens more with young hens in their first year of laying and some hens are more likely to lay a double yolked egg than others but it was funny to get double yolked eggs two days in a row.  I’ve also heard that getting a double yolk means you’re going to have good luck.  That’s what I need . . good luck!  🙂


Here’s the cake made from my double yolkers.cake pan

This is the cake pan I used from here.  Pretty, huh?



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    Bon says

    Cool. I remember when my grandma would get double yokers sometimes. Two for the price of one! And when all you have to do is walk out to the coop and get them, well … I’m glad you are having such a good time with your hens. And I enjoy the stories they are providing.

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    How exciting, double yokers and 6 eggs a day! Did you ever get yourself a cute little egg collecting basket???

    Your cake turned out beautiful. Now I need to go check out the cool cake pans.

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    Wow, you’re in for a string of good luck with two doubles in one day!!! The cake looks wonderful! Bet it’s yummy with your homemade eggs in it!

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    Well, I’m back with a dumb question. I’m so not a baker, but I want to be.

    How do you put those things in the oven? Does it sit flat upside down? Is there some type of holder involved?

    Quit laughing! I know you are!

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      I’d never laugh at you! You bake them just like any other cake pan . . pretty side down, open side up. When you take them out of the pan, they’re sitting on the flat side and the pretty side is up.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Just wanted to drop a line about how much I have enjoyed your chicken “saga.” Double yokers and all that cholestrol. Oh well, we only live once.

    I had to laugh about your bridge “excursion.” Living in a town with two big bridges (as you know) with a fear of heights and fear of water is something I have to tackle now and then. I must say someone else is driving. That is what I like about living in Moss Bluff, I can go anywhere locally without going over a bridge. I do have to do the Moss Bluff bridge, but usually a Hail Mary will get me over it. That bridge gets so much traffic, I worry about it staying up.

    I don’t know how you get so much done. I thought I had energy.

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      Why did you have to remind me about the cholestrol? That’s ok . . I’ll enjoy life while I can. As crazy as it sounds, the 171 bridge doesn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t even ride across the I-10 bridge and probably could drive across 210 if my life depending on it but I’ll make the big loop through Moss Bluff if I have to get from even south Lake Charles to Sulphur.

      Actually, I think I talk so much that you’re just thinking I’m getting a lot done.

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    I knew you’d be excited when you got your first DY….I’m hoping you get many, many more. Did you weigh it to see how it compares to the Amish eggs….weight should have been right up there. The cake looks really yummy.

    Karen L

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      The Amish eggs weigh from 2.6 ounces to 3.4 ounces (if I’m remembering correctly). I’m getting a few 2.8 and 3.0 ounce eggs. I just got another egg that I think is a double yolk but I’ll let Chad crack it when he makes himself an egg sandwich for lunch.

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    Bobbie says

    Do you count a 2 yoker as 2 eggs or as 1?
    Aslo, do you have the bundt cake keeper that is shown there with the pans? If not, get one-I have it and makes it easy breezy to keep them nice. Hugs, Bobbie

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      The recipe called for 5 eggs and I used 4 because of the two double yolks but then I used real small eggs for the other two. I do have the bundt cake keeper but it doesn’t work so well with the different shaped pans I have. I just use my regular cake cover.

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    If you eat the white AND the yolk, the cholesterol does not end up harming you like eating yolks alone can. (Or maybe that’s an old wives’ tale. But I am sticking with it.)

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    Sallie McIntosh says

    When you say the chickens that lay blue or green or pink eggs, do you mean araucana’s? We had those years ago when the kids were little and at home. Had many of them and they enjoyed them so much. A couple of years ago we decided to get a few chickens for just our use and to sell a few, in the dozen or so we got at Rural King, we got a little hen who has muffs on either side of her bill and I wondered if she was a mixed araucana. Then all of a sudden we started getting a blue egg and yep, it’s her. She lays faithfully every day. One grandmother buys eggs from me and she requests the Muffy’s eggs for her grandson. He gets a kick out of them. We have one hen trying to set now and I need to break her up, so she will start laying again. I have an old rabbit cage and I put her in there with food and water and my mother in law always said their breast needs to cool off and they will be ready to start laying again, so that’s what I did with all that want to set. I don’t have enough room for any more little chicks, so break them up. Enough egg and chicken facts for one night. I do love my chickens though. Sallie in SW Indiana

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    Yes those chickens will lay only blue eggs. My daughter had some and that was all they every laid. Love fresh eggs.

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    Diane H says

    I enjoy keeping up with your chicken posts. I bought some chicks a short time before you, have 15 hens and 1 rooster. He was a surprise, but we laugh about it. I’ve been getting 10 eggs a day for awhile, blue-green, brown and white. Several have been double yolks. Our 6yr old and 2 yr old granddaughters are here for the week and are having a ball feeding chickens and gathering eggs. We added a calf to our ‘back yard farm’ last week. It was so funny to watch the chickens line up next to the fence to see the calf. Wish I had gotten a picture.

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    Congratulations on the double yolks! The cake looks so good. Thanks for the link about where to purchase. I haven’t been doing any cooking or baking in months, but I’m going to ease my way back into it. Maybe a pretty new pan is just what I need to motivate me!