What Plans?

Do you ever think that making plans is a guarantee nothing is going to go according to plans?


There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this quilt could be on the longarm by last night.  Not a doubt.  I was sure!  I didn’t say it but I thought I might even have a row or two quilted.

The first kink in my plans was when I went to Wal-Mart.  Not being able to open the pictures on the laptop is frustrating.  Maybe Wal-Mart would have an adapter gizmo.  YES!  They had one.  Even though I had just bought one for my dad for about $6, and the one at Wal-Mart was $13, I didn’t care. But, it said something about needing an adapter for the adapter if I was using a Memory Stick Duo.  Yes, that’s what I was using so I asked the girl at Wal-Mart about it.  Don’t comment . . my son works there!  She explained it in a way that made no sense to me but she was 100% sure I didn’t need an adapter for the adapter so I bought it.  Got home, about amputated my hand trying to open it.  Nope . . didn’t work.  It needed an adapter so after lunch I went back to Wal-Mart, got my money back and . . well, I didn’t think much about what to do next.  I’ll get an adapter somewhere . . sometime.

Mid-afternoon . . finally, I had time to sew and this is what I found in the sewing room.


Everything had fallen off the flannel and had been re-arranged by Speck.  Thank goodness I had sewn the blocks into rows and didn’t have just a bunch of blocks all over the place.

I did manage to get the rows and sashing sewn together and started working on the pieced border.  The background on this quilt is white . . bright white.  No dogs allowed!


Will someone please tell Speck that he has his own quilts . . will he please leave mine alone??  Thank  you!



  1. 1


    Looks like to me that Speck was missing you…….. Poor doggy…

    You are old enough by now to know not to make plans. That always puts a kink in the works.

  2. 2


    You know that pups, kids and kitties always like to be in the middle of our projects, throwing our plans right out the window (or at least off the design wall). He’s a cutie!

  3. 4

    Carol says

    In a way, you already have a cat. And should Pepper return, you’re ready. Poor Speck. I don’t have a design wall. Every time I lay pieces on the floor, somehow they attract the cats like a magnet. There just isn’t any other place to walk or sit but on the quilt pieces!

  4. 5


    Oh, look at him! He’s just needing some attention, Mom! He’s adorable. Makes my heart sing every time you show a picture!

  5. 7


    Aww – Speck is so cute!
    I believe that making plans is a surefire way of making the plan go awry! I hope you get your sewing done today – can’t wait to see those borders! 🙂

  6. 8


    I have a multi-card reader that I use to speed up the uploading of pictures from the camera. It reads 5 different tyoes of cards. You have a USB post on the side of your laptop or on your tower somewhere that your Flash drive or Memory stick could go into. Then you wouldn’t need the card reader. Good Luck getting your rows and sashing to meet so you can longarm the rose quilt.

  7. 9


    Ha. I am very new to quilting, but that is what my two dachshunds want to do too…I think they are jealous they are not the center of attention and want to take over the quilt I am working on as their own…..pups are so funny!!

  8. 10

    Karla says

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple months now…not sure how I got there anymore. Anyway, yeah, my dog loves the quilts! Even if it’s just a tiny corner, she wants to lay on it while I’m sewing. What a hoot!

  9. 11

    dawn says

    plans? someone should have taken care of “Mr Murphy” (Murphy’s law) seems he is always messing up things just like “nobody” did when I was reprimanding the kids for who done it. LOL
    Maybe Speck wants to just be your assistant. Seems like he would work for cheap. ha ha

  10. 12


    Chesty is the same way … he thinks any quilt or fabric piled in the sewing room is meant for him to climb up on. I even found him trying to find a comfortable spot in a pile of strings the other day.