Found It!

I was pretty sure I hadn’t started making the sashing til I had finished all the blocks.  Not that I wouldn’t do that because I do things like that but . . I don’t know . . I just knew I had made all the blocks.  It was way over by the longarm.


I did run back to Wal-Mart and get 4 more big containers and 4 more small containers.  That’s it!  I’m not going to have more UFO’s than will fit in those buckets . . unless you count all the buckets that are behind the ironing table.  I doubt I leave these where I have them now because they’ll be in the way of my already too small design wall.


This may look like a dreadful mess but you should’ve seen it before I cleaned.  The ironing table is clean.  The cutting table is clean except for the current project.   I even talked myself into bringing the vacuum hose downstairs and vacuuming the path.  I didn’t get the whole room vacuumed because I got side tracked . . by pickled eggs.  Thanks Julie!   Another story for another day.

You know what the real problem is with my sewing room  . . besides I’m a slob and I have too much stuff?  I have too many doors!

DSC07837Two doors!


Two more doors!


At one end, there’s this whole opening.


At the other end of the longarm . . another door!  SIX openings that can’t be blocked and one of them is that big kitchen opening.  It’s no wonder my sewing area is a mess . . yours would be too if you had all these doors, right????   (Please say yes just so I feel better about the condition of my sewing room!)



  1. 1

    Melanie says

    This is a case of “it takes one to know one.” I would periodically clean up my sewing room–once a year when we had family over for thanksgiving! It took me until after Christmas before I could get back in there. I couldn’t work in a clean room. I needed a little chaos to be creative. Not dirt–just clutter.
    So…I feel your pain. And you have a great space to work!

  2. 2

    dawn says

    yes six doors are definitely a challenge to keep everything in its place. I just moved from an apartment that had 4 doors and 3 windows in the living room. how in the heck do you place furniture in there? not easily and it never looked right.
    I feel you pain girlfriend.

  3. 4

    Carol says

    I prefer to think of clutter as a side effect of an active mind. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Nice workspace even with all those doors. I’m sure you have a lovely view from the kitchen door.

  4. 5

    Karla says

    I am with you on where to put everything as I work in my kitchen corner(but not for long) as my sewing room was made into a bedroom. I have one tiny corner and everyone walks through and touches everything then I can’t find anything!!!!

  5. 6

    Bessie H says

    How dare the builders not take into account your quilting studio when they built this house!!lol But then again if they had it wouldn’t be right either, it was probably a man.

  6. 7

    Darlene B says

    I love seeing your creative sewing area! If you clean it up too much – you’ll NEVER be able to find anything! Happens to me all the time…..I think we need to be surrounded by some clutter to continue to be creative, right?

  7. 10

    Linda says

    Yes!! you have way to many doors. That’s the whole problem……but I’d still love to have your sewing space… doors, clutter and all.

  8. 11


    Wonderful space. I’d have a crock pot down there,,, and a big fat comfy chair…… never to be seen again.. LOLll

    It would make a nice size Quilter apt !! The fabric wall is not so tidy your scared to use it.. I like seeing all the colors. It surely works for you given all the wonderful quilts we see.! ~K

  9. 12


    Yes! I have to blame the windows. When we built the house all I asked for was a lot of nice big windows. Now I have no walls free for storage and design. Not really complaining-I love my windows but that’s my excuse for stuff all over. No storage space. We won’t mention the walk-in closet that we can’t walk in anymore…ahem.

  10. 14


    Creative minds and wonderful things come from messy areas, absolutely, you should see mine…..

    That is alot of doors, but better than windows, look at how many windows you would have to clean, ask me I am surrounded by windows..

    Love the new quilt Judy, so bright and happy….

  11. 15


    Face facts Judy, you are too creative to be neat…… You can think of more ideas than you have time to make. And even so you turn out an amazing amount of treasures.

    You raise chickens, bake your own bread, cook gourmet meals daily and do all the errands for your household and all the cleaning and laundry.

    If it is bothering you that much, clean one area at a time for 15 minutes a day. Then move on with the rest of your life.

    Myself, I think your great just the way you are.

  12. 17

    Sandy says

    It looks good to me. You have your fabric nicely sorted by color and on shelves, your plastic containters neatly stacked, and a quilt on the design wall. I would love to have a room that large. And to think….besides getting all that sewing done, you still have time to make homemade meals, bake and travel to quilting engagements. You are an inspiration to us, Judy.

  13. 18

    Julie H. says

    My thoughts are, you can either spend your time sewing great things or organizing. I pick sewing. Just be gone at the LQS when the sewingroom clutter fairy shows up for an inspection.

    I thought for sure the missing block would turn up with the ipod inside the missing containers.

    Hope the ‘fridge is full of Dr. Pepper.

  14. 19


    3 doors (kitchen, garage, living room), a large picture window (104 wide by 54 tall) and a fireplace in my sewing room. Ended up blocking the fireplace with the design wall.

  15. 20


    YES – to having too many doors.

    Since you like to keep lots of spreadsheets – did you number your boxes and then list what’s in all the boxes? Don’t worry if you did, because I did that when I reorganized. I don’t know if it is all in the same place after six monthes. But at least I have a list!

    Perhaps instead of a quilt-a-thon weekend, you can have a organize your space – a – thon weekend. One week, everyone posts ideas they have on organizing stashes and then the next weekend, we all clean and post before and after pictures. We could even post items to sell or swap or giveaway. If it is done before Thanksgiving weekend, we’ll all have clean spaces before the holidays and then start 2010 with a clean room and an idea of UFOs, fabric, etc.

    I usually need a kick in the pants to get some things done – my sister is flying in for a week and my house looks the best it has been for a year. If only I could keep it that way!

  16. 22


    Yes! My sewing space IS the front entrance nook:) I think you’re coping well under the circumstances (or should I say, around!)

  17. 23


    Yes!!! I only have 4 (2 sets of french doors) and my sewing room is horrible! I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had six 🙂

  18. 24

    Anita says

    I can relate. I have one wall without a door in it, however, a door opens against it. The room is 10×11 with a path partially around the cutting table which is piled with a current project and various odds and ends. A tidy sewing room/studio is a sign of “quilters block”

  19. 25


    Way too many doors! Even in your large space, that takes up a lot of room you have to leave for traffic patterns. I’m happy to now have a little sewing room that has two and a half walls and a 5′ wide closet. I may finally get a design wall up! I love the plastic bins for storing projects but I by the kind that have a hinged lid attached–I don’t want to be looking for those lids!

  20. 26


    You are terrific as is–we don’t want to be stepford wives. LOL
    I need to tackle the same things but my ac is off in my sewing room–and has been for 2 wks now. I am suffering withdrawal badly. It is located over the garage, so it is really hot.