Eggciting News!

When we first thought about getting chickens, I knew I wanted Ameraucanas because of their colored eggs. I’ve now learned that the chicks our farm supply store sells as Ameraucanas are really “Easter Eggers”, earning their name because of their colored eggs.  Since I wanted chickens that lay colored eggs, I don’t really care what you call them.  My Red Stars have been laying for almost a month now and I consistently get 5 or 6 eggs a day from the 6 Red Stars.  That’s what they’re known for — friendly chickens and great layers.  But what about those Ameraucanas?  They either weren’t laying or they were laying brown eggs and my Red Stars weren’t actually laying an egg a day.  I suspected that the Ameraucanas weren’t laying.

Earlier this week, I did some research and was getting real tempted to make a big pot of gumbo out of those 4 Ameraucanas.  I read that some people’s Ameraucanas took a year before they started laying.  Surely not!  Seems like most people were getting their first Ameraucana/Easter Egger eggs between 35 and 40 weeks.  Mine are now 22 weeks old.  The bad thing was that getting them was my idea and I knew Vince was going to give me a hard time about choosing a breed that was so slow to lay.


But, everything was made right today.  See the egg in the middle?  Click on the picture and you’ll see that it’s a beautiful shade of blue green.  You can see that it’s much smaller than my brown eggs.  The first eggs are always small.  But, what matters is that my Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers are starting to lay.  I do not have to make gumbo or put them on the smoker.   I’m so happy!



  1. 5

    Rita says

    Those chickens probably heard you talking about making gumbo and knew they better get to work!

  2. 7

    dawn says

    what a beautiful first egg from her. see? a little patience for the late bloomer was all that was needed. or else she reads your blog and heard about the smoker! LOL
    I would lay an egg too!
    hee hee

  3. 9


    WOW!! that doesn’t seem fair!!! Either get me an egg or your soup??!! It’s right there in your post!!! They lay Easter Eggs!!!!! Not – end of summer almost winter eggs!!!!! You just really scared one of them with your thoughts, and she produced for the team – so stop with the colored egg producing thoughts, and wait till easter like all the good kiddies do!!! You wil get your basket of eggs, you just have to wait till easter……

  4. 10


    Now…you KNOW you weren’t going to put those gals into the smoker or the stew pot…even if they DID take a year to lay eggs!!! LOL

  5. 11

    Karla says

    Yayyyyyy Judy, I am glad to hear they are laying now. Hopefully the others will follow suit.

  6. 13

    Miss Nancy says

    I don’t know a hill of beans about chickens so this has been a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing.

  7. 14

    Linda says

    Your Easter Eggers must have read your mind about becoming supper so they provided you with breakfast instead.

  8. 15

    Kristin Farwig says

    I don’t know anything about chickens either, so these chicken posts have been interesting. It does seem like alot of work. What do you do with all the eggs?

    Kristin F. in SC

  9. 16

    Rebecca says

    Patience, Miss Judy, patience! They were already half-way there.

    I’ve heard of scaring “other things” out of people/animals, but never of scaring the eggs out!