I’m So Ready

I’m ready for winter.  About February, someone may need to remind me that I said this.  I was going through some old pictures last night and came across this one.


It was right before Christmas and the radio just kept talking about this massive snow storm that was coming.  Because we had a fireplace at the little house in town, I suggested to Vince that we stay there instead of at the house way out in the country.  In this picture, you can see a bit of the country driveway.


The driveway was long . . up a hill, down a hill . . no getting out from that driveway when there was a lot of snow or ice.

So, we stayed at the house in town and it snowed and snowed and by the time the snow was done, we had about 22″ of snow which was almost a record for that part of KY.  In the first picture is my neighbor trying to dig out.  Do I want 22″ of snow?  No  . . but I am definitely ready for winter!  This summer was way too hot!



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    Ugh, winter with the bad 4 letter “S” word. We had lots of snow last year. Where I live, we are already getting autumnal leaf changes. Our summer was cold and rainy. 60-70’s all summer with a handful of warmer days. I am not ready for winter but I wouldn’t trade for your summer any year, I really don’t do well in the heat. I would like a compromise this year–a long warm fall.

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    Except for the storm that had the tree fall on my house, I am a SUMMER person. Actually, I like the weather in September best…..still summery enough to do the outdoor things I like (beach/pool) but a bit less humid most times. We used to get some serious snow in the part of NJ where we lived and I’m glad southern DE (where we live now) doesn’t usually get that kind of weather.

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    It’s been soooo humid here..last night at 11 the heat index was 99…I just heard because of the store off the coast this heat wave won’t break until Bill moves out to sea…I say…Go Bill Go.

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    Audrey says

    I’m so with you on this. Bring on the winter and let’s leave the heat and humidity behind. At least in the winter I can wear more clothes. I can’t go shopping naked in the summer or I would scare the customers out of the store.

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    No I am not ready for the snow yet. Actually here in Wisconsin we have had a very cool summer. There were a few days there with humidity, but not bad. I hate the snow and ice that we get in Wiscnsin. Hate the cold too. I never seem to be able to put on enough clothes.
    By the way, does your neighbor shovel out the driveway with a table saw. I see Vince helping out.

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    I love the sunshine and I love being snowed in. I don’t go much in the winter and having a boatload of snow makes me happy as long as I can sew and eat! Then after a few days, I want summer again! You know we are never happy, especially with the weather. 😉

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    Oh JUDY!!! Don’t!! Please don’t wish for winter!!!! I know it’s coming because we have already had frost warnings – and I don’t think this summer has been enought yet!!
    It took forever for the warm weather to finally show up, then it got gloriously hot for a couple days, then it got cold!!! then warm, then cold, then warm kinda, and well – please don’t even talk winter!! By October – Halloween, we are usually in snow, so it’s coming quick enough and I am not ready to have to be inside for that long again – I feel like I have finally just gotten out of the house!!! 🙂

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    Sandy says

    We spent the winter in TX last year and it was glorious. No snow shoveling in IL for me. Actually, where we live, they had more ice than snow last year. I can definately do without that. I love September-October weather the most as it is usually not so hot and humid. We will be heading for TX in November.

    Judy, our annual month in Ontario in July was quite cool this year. It only reached 80 about 4 times. You would have loved that. I can’t take the heat very well either. And can you believe people there were complaining it was too cold? LOL

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    But in winter you can enjoy all those delicious soups and stews and rolls and good hot meals.

    And wool socks and cuddly quilts…

    And more time indoors to sew.

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    Evan though I like the snow………I think its abit early to be having the white stuff. I’l wait until Thanksgiving….then it can snow. If I was going to complain about something………it would have to be that is has been way to cool here this summer. We have had only about 10 days where it was above 80 degrees. Its been coool here all summer and I want some warm weather……


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    Theresa says

    I’m not ready. I have a tree in the woods behind my house that is already turning red. It’s way to early for that! This summer has been the coolest year I can remember. Those of us that like the heat are getting ripped off. LOL!! I hate, I repeat HATE cold weather and snow. Maybe someday, I can spend my winters down south like my in-laws do and avoid that nasty snow, ice and cold temps. Yuck!

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    Jerzydeb says

    Since June was so darn cold here at the shore – I’m hoping for one more good month of beach weather – that way all the shoobies will be at home, most of the kids will be in school, and the beaches won’t be so darn crowded! I love winter too – snow and all, but of the 2, I’d definately rather be reading on the beach, then shoveling snow !

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    Denise says

    Bite you tongue! Just come to Wisconsin to visit – this summer has been much cooler than normal. It’s only 65 today. But snow – no thank you – it will be here all too soon. Actually I don’t mind the snow – 30 degrees and snow – okay – 20 below and snow, that’s a whole different story but I’ll be happy to wait until December before I see any white stuff falling.

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    Becky in GA says

    Judy! Last winter didn’t you ask us to remind you that winter is sooooo very cold when you started complaining about the heat in the summer? LOL It won’t be long, I am very sure. 🙂

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    carol says

    well today it was 103, 66 days so far of over 100 degree weather here in central TX. oak trees and cedar and pine trees are dying. one ranch gas over 1200 dead trees cause of the drought. he calle din an expert and its not any kind of disease. just lack of watre, olde rtrees, young trees it does
    not matter. so i have been ready for our type of winter for about 7 months. drought drought. if you water your yard you get fined 470.00 to begin with. we are buying bottled water, people are buying northern hay for what animals they have left. my inside (in a/c) cats are drinking more water than ever. 3 fans in each room plus a/c. come on winter! come on fall ANYTHING to stop this. sorry about your camera. I wish I had one. I wish I had a design wall, i wish I wish, so many things right now. BUT am thankful for Judy, for online opportunities and a forum of quilting where we get along , I am happy with what i have.

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    I don’t know if it is because we live on a big lake, but we have had a very nice summer. Only in August has it really been hot. I don’t keep daily records, but we eat out on the deck in the summer for our dinners, unless it is really hot. So far we have eaten out almost every night until the past 2 weeks. So I have enjoyed this summer!
    I do like snow but we don’t get much of that. Hubby doesn’t like snow, but I think it is so beautiful. Love your photos.

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    I LOVE winter. Most around here do not because we get so much ice. But I have a sewing machine, lots of time, a warm coat, good boots and a new snow blower. I could not ask for much more.
    I have my sewing machine in front of the picture window. I can watch the world go by as I sew. Mostly I watch my bird feeder/birdbath. Love all the critters. I just bought 25#’s of raw peanuts for the squirrels and bluejays. That should hold us through the winter. Right now the chipmunks cannot get two peanuts in their mouths…too funny…they try and try. But they will be hibernating and will leave the peanuts for the ones intended.

    XOXOXO Subee