The Next Project

Remember the poll during the week where I asked you if you wanted to do a Quilt for an Hour project, a Quilt Along, a mystery . . I totally forgot about it.  The overwhelming majority wants a Quilt for an Hour project.  I’m sure it will be after Labor Day, maybe even mid-September, before we can get started.  I have to make the top to test the instructions and I will be gone a good portion of September but . . we will start a new Quilt for an Hour project in September.

Thanks for taking the time to vote.



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    Thanks, Judy…and I’m glad it won’t start for a few weeks yet….too much going on for me with the grandkids having been here for more than a week (and leaving later today) and our major house repairs starting tomorrow from when the tree landed on our roof. I’m spinning in circles right about now and need a couple of weeks before I start your project. I’m glad quilt for an hour was chosen, too.

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    Loved making the last quilt for an hour a day……. sign me up I’m ready [ may have to get up an hour earlier each day to find an extra hour!! ]
    Happy Room Diana