A Good Morning!

My first morning with Chad gone. I missed him last night but he called .. about 11:30 after I was already asleep. Maybe I should have called him this morning when I was up at 5:45!

By the time I’d taken care of the chickens, done as much upstairs as I could do without waking Vince, I came downstairs about 6:20 and started sewing.  It’s very cool outside . . maybe 51 degrees, the door is open (there is a screen door there), daylight had pushed away most of the darkness, crickets are singing, the iron is hot, the sewing machine has already been humming along . . what more could a girl ask for?  Cool in August . . I love it!



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    good grief…what time do you get up??? I wish I were an early riser but I didn’t drag myself out of bed until 8:00 this morning…

  2. 2


    Usually I’m up around 6:00 but last night I was awake till midnight finishing “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Then the thunderstorm started, too loud for me to relax.

    I wish we were having cool weather here, it’s muggy, muggy. I hate humidity!! We have a wedding this afternoon; I’m getting dressed in my studio with the AC on high!

  3. 3

    Carol says

    Ready to sew by 6:20am? Need more coffee…. Are your chickens early risers too? What are you going to do with that pretty egg? Seems a shame to throw the shell away. I never had any luck blowing the egg out of the shell, the shell would always break.

  4. 5

    Karla says

    I wish we had 51 degrees it has been in the 90’s – 100’s here in central Texas 🙁 I am waiting for Autumn.

  5. 7

    Jenny says

    I’m enjoying the same lovely cool weather in Illinois right now, maybe that will inspire me to spend some time with my sewing machine!

  6. 8


    YES…call him when you get up one morning…….maybe he’ll get the point (although MY kids never did). I, too, love the early mornings…nice sounds outside and nobody awake and interrupting me!!! NOT cool here yet in August. VERY hot and humid yet. But..I’m still a summer person.

  7. 9


    I’m also an early riser and for me, that is the best time to be in my sewing/quilting studio creating while listening to some of my favorite music.

    After having a very hot summer here in Washington state, our temperatures have cooled down into the high 70’s to mid-80’s. Much better!

  8. 10


    I love the cool mornings in August too. We actually had a record low yesterday morning (August 24) of 41 degrees. My birthday present from Mother Nature!! She knows what I like.