Back in Good Graces

Remember Smokey, the mean chicken.  I swore he was a rooster.  He’s BIG and he’s hateful looking.  And his name wasn’t originally Smokey but we changed it because I kept threatening that he was going to be put in the smoker and served for dinner!


Remember the night Chad had to catch each chicken, hand them to me to put in the new coop when they were afraid of it . . I was too afraid of Smokey to take him from Chad so Chad had to climb out of the run with the chicken and go put him in the coop.

Well, this morning I was out to pet the chickens through the egg door and guess who hopped up in the laying boxes to be petted!  Guess who was the FIRST one to hop up there?  You got it . . Smokey!  Vince was with me and I was kinda scared of him but Vince said “Go ahead, he just wants to be be petted!”  Easy for him to say . . Smokey was in the laying box right next to me!  So, I petted him for a while.  Then he got closer.  I said “Vince, he wants to peck my eyeballs out!”  Vince said “No, he just wants to be petted!”  Then he tried to escape and I closed the egg door.

But, then, I went out to check for eggs for the 327th time this morning and guess who was sitting in one of the laying boxes!


Please excuse Ruby . . she cannot resist getting in the picture!  There’s old Smokey sitting in the laying box . . and sitting and sitting and sitting.  Another chicken got up in another box, layed an egg and went out to find bugs . . while Smokey sits in the box.

Vince came out and I said “I think Smokey is fixing to lay an egg and I want to see if I can see it happen.”  Yeah, right!


Would you just look at that!  Smokey layed a nice greenish blue egg and I saw it happen!  All in one day, she was nice to me and she layed a beautiful egg.  She IS a she!  She can stay!  She will not be put on the smoker . . not any time soon anyway!


Oh, Ruby!  I can tell what she’s thinking . . What about ME?  I lay big, double yolked brown eggs every day and I NEVER get my picture taken sitting on the nest! OK!  OK!  Here’s a closeup of Ruby smiling for the camera!  🙂

Have I said lately how much I enjoy my chickens?



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    Hi Judy. I just stumbled upon your blog and read what you posted about borders, and then here what you wrote about Smokey. You have a lovely way with words. I’ve just set up my blog and I hope to make it as interesting as you do yours. I love your borders!

    Sew much fiber, sew little time!
    Debi R.

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      Debi – I just write about my life. My lifestyle would make some people crazy but I love it. It’s very easy to write about the things I love – family, quilting, cooking, chickens . . not sure what else I write about but I enjoy every minute of it . . my life and my blog!

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      If so, let’s hope it’s a once in a lifetime cycle and not something she’s going to do monthly! I still have that smoker! 🙂

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    Carol Kimble says

    Love the chicken stories – you continue to be an amazing writer – and quilter – and chef – and “chicken steward”. Thank you for sharing always

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    Angie says

    I’m happy to hear Smokey is being more friendly and not headed for the Smoker! and a nice blue toned egg to boot! I can tell you are bonding with Smokey! Now—what do you do with all these eggs? Are you collecting eggs like fabric?—giving them away to neighbors. Bill and I don’t use many eggs anymore. Except I did make him a yummy cheese Omelet for dinner with salad and fresh fruit last night! That took all of two eggs. We buy eggs sparingly nowadays, and usually only a half dozen at a time.

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      5 of the 6 red stars are extremely friendly. One is just average friendly but I’m real happy dealing with them. 3 of the other 4 are ok now. Only Miss Congeniality remains on thin ice.

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    Linda says

    Please tell Ruby she’s a very beautiful chicken…….and maybe you should apologize to Smokey for all the mean thoughts you had about her???? LOL

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    I love hearing about your hens. Your hens certainly appreciate the care that you shower on them.
    Jane (always a country girl)

  6. 12


    In all my many years growing up on a farm with chickens, I NEVER saw the actual LAYING of the egg! To tell you the truth, I never even thought of watching for it! LOL

    You’re a hoot! Well, Ruby is pretty much a hoot also. 😎

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    Evelyn says

    Sounds like all is well in the hen house! My son has a very funny book about an orphan owl in the hen house – it is called Cockle-Doodle-Whoooo! Very cute! Your chicken stories with all their different personalities reminds me of his book. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Deb Worley says

    I enjoy your chickens too! Great stories!!! They are an added bonus to your quilting.

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    A suggestion (as a follow up to my previous question)….maybe she could now be named Smokette…..or Smokina……still would remind her the smoker is around (if she is going to do a monthly PMS on you) but would sound more gender-appropriate for her. LOL

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    carol c says

    poor misunderstood Smokey, you kept calling her a he, she was trying to get your attention, and she did today, proved herself too-LMBO……… egg too

    my cat lost his last front fang today, he is no longer a baby.
    i got it too, missed the others. just 2 days ago they were in solid. but now he is growing up. definately a male and lives up to his name -Hunter……knew he was a he-lol

    so Smokey will be in the box and you will know she is your
    layer for sure. good deal

    love to read your writings before I go to bed. thank you

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    Sandy says

    Glad to hear Smokey (Smokarina) is back in your good graces. She just wanted to do it her way and on her time. No bossing that chick around. LOL

    I think Ruby is really pretty with her bright red comb. I just love reading about your chickens. Always an adventure.

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    dawn says

    Smokey was just a misunderstood late bloomer, er um late egg layer. ha ha Glad that she let you pet her and kind of warm up to her. not everyone can be miss congeniality you know. She probably knows she is different from the other birds and keeps her originality.
    Green eggs and ham said Sam I am………..breakfast! I bet you are really enjoying those fresh eggs. Nothing says loving like fresh from the farm.
    from a farmgirl in MA
    Dawn from MA

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    Judy in Michigan says

    I love your chicken stories too. I think we all need a picture of each chicken with each name. How can you tell them apart? And what do you do with all those eggs?? Keep telling us about the chickens – so much fun!!

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    Eve says

    Awwww. I loved the pix and the ‘play-by-play’. Made my heart all warm and fuzzy that Smokey wanted some loving, and then rewarded you with an egg as a ‘thank you’! It’s so funny, but I hear your voice when you quote something you’ve said. That makes me smile, too!
    And Ruby is such a ham!! But she’s a pretty girl!!
    And I love reading your blog, no matter WHAT you’re writing about!! Eve