Thanks everyone for the kind words on my book.  To those who didn’t know, that makes me feel kinda good because it seems that I was so absorbed in getting the book done, that I felt I had neglected the blog a bit.

The first book is Nine Patch Extravaganza.  You can order it here or you can ask your local quilt shop to get it.  While you’re at it, ask them to get a dozen or 2 dozen! 🙂

For Weekend Quilts, I sent in 18 projects but I doubt all 18 make the book.  The page count has to be in increments of 16 (I think) so AQS will work their magic to get the perfect number of projects in the book without making the book too many pages or too few pages.  I trust them completely to make all the right decisions with everything — cover, layout, projects.  They’ve been doing this for many years and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my first book.

This is a good time to encourage any of you who have ideas for a quilt book to submit a proposal.  You just never know til you submit it.  I tell everyone, and I’ve probably said it here . . if you’re worried about getting turned down, don’t even tell anyone you’re doing it and then you don’t have to tell anyone you got turned down.  But, you probably won’t get turned down if you have a great idea.

There are several publishers.  I’ve only worked with AQS and I’ve been real happy with the folks at AQS — the editors, the executive editor, the shipping department.  They’re real nice, real efficient and well, I just like them a lot and encourage anyone wanting to submit a proposal to give them a shot at it.

Writing a book is a lot of work but it sure is fun when it’s done!



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    How does one go about ordering wholesale from AQS? I have been getting lots of requests from customers for books, tools and stuff that the “local” quilt shops don’t carry. Since the closest shop is 25 miles in one direction and the other is over 40 in the other direction, this may be a good addition to my longarm business. And I’d just LOVE to be selling your books!

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    It would be alot of work!! And no, I didn’t feel like you neglected this blog at all – actually I woundered how you managed to post as much as you do and still deal with everything you do at the house!!
    I am glad the book is in the very last stages of being done – and this going to be alot of fun to see!!!

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    bettina says

    congratulations on the book and keeping the blog up to date.. you have alot of energy to keep all that going and the chickens too….

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    Just ordered your book from Checker Distributors…can’t wait for my customers to see it, actually I can’t wait to see it, ordered an extra one for me…I’ve talked about your blog with my customers (the whole chicken thing cracks me up) I’ll just tell my customers that you’re the chicken lady and I should sell out quickly.

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    Wow, congratulations on the second book. I look forward to it. As for neglecting your blog, I’m having a really hard time thinking of when that might have been. I am amazed at how well the blog has been maintained through all this. You have even managed to throw some quilty stuff in. I can barely manage a few blog posts a month.

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    Judi says

    Judy you didn’t neglect your blog. Congrats again on the new book, as you said you encourage people to submit well I did submit an article to Quilting Arts and they accepted it, it will be on my snowdyed fabric in their Oct/Nov issue.

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    Norma says

    Judy, congratulations on getting your second book completed. What an accomplishment! I can’t wait to get it. Your explanations are so clear it is sure to be well written. I haven’t felt that your blog has been neglected, you post often and have kept us in chuckles over your chicken adventures. Imagine Smoky being a girl, what a crafty hen she is. You remind me of my sister, she can take anything and make a joke out of it. That’s a true gift.

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    Congratulations!!! You write a great blog, and design great projects. I don’t know how you keep it all together. And then when you got the chickens! Well, the humor you share is the thing that makes it all work. 🙂 That and you really encourage your readers that they can do anything! One of these days I will make your star quilt. The pattern print-outs are there with the fabrics I chose but I have more things on my “to do” list than time to do them! I know that I’m not alone!!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I have lots of quilt books and, when I was tech editing for another quilting publisher from 2003 to approx. 2006, they had a publication standard of 128 pages for the books. If it didn’t fit into 128 pages, something had to GOOOO…and it was not the font size! 😉

    Did you get page proofs so you knew what survived and what didn’t? Or is it a pig in a poke?