Design Wall Monday – August 24, 2009

This Design Wall Monday idea was pretty good, don’t you think?  I would have had nothing to show had it not been for the embarrassment of . . . well, . . not having anything to show!  So, I worked real hard to get something respectable up on the design wall.  Here it is!  The pieced border for my Big Star quilt.  Love it!


Just in case anyone wonders, the dog is alive.  He does move every now and then, especially if there’s food involved, but mostly he sits right there where he can see me at the sewing machine or at the computer.   He’s a great helper!

What’s on your design wall this Monday?


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    Evelyn says

    That is a beautiful border! And Speck is one lucky doggie that you work at home and he can keep an eye on your constantly! My cousin has a full sized poodle (Winston) who is very unhappy when she is at work, so her parents doggie sit during the week and she gets him on the weekends. Everyone is pretty happy with this arrangement, especially Winston! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. 3


    At least he doesn’t insist on resting his head on your laptop when you’re trying to type like Chesty is doing this morning!

    I made progress on my blocks this week but we leave for S. Dakota tomorrow so next week will look the same as today.

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    I’m right there with you on having something on the wall. I don’t know if I really would have started back on my DWR yesterday had I not needed something on the wall.

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    I’d love to have a dog but DH says no way. Too expensive and DD is phobic about dogs. Speck is so cute and so devoted.
    I’ve had the same thing on my design wall since Feb/Mar so please don’t feel bad about not having anything. Wait-this was your idea, wasn’t it? lol

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    I have several projects showing on my Design walls and Floor this week. The last photo is my latest creation for my 4 year old Grand-daughter. It’s the Red white and Black quilt. All made with fat quarters and an Olivia the pig panel. It’s using the now -famous D9p pattern too with a little twist.

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    I finally have something different this week! The nine patch is now too big for the wall, so I’ve got some star blocks up.