A Dining Experience

Last week, being the nice mom that I am, I told Chad we would go to Joplin on Friday and get a few things that he needed for back to school.  Chad being the manipulator that he is . . or is that just how all 21 year olds are . . decided that if we went to Kansas City instead, he could get what he needed from Cabela’s and save the shipping costs.  That’s another thing I don’t understand . . how does Cabela’s end up on the back to school shopping list?  Beats me!

I do not like Kansas City traffic and, to get to Cabela’s, we had to cross the 435 bridge.  Chad offered to drive but . . I’d rather have a panic attack than ride through KC traffic with him driving.  I made it over the bridge without too much of a problem.  Coming back was a piece of cake!  Maybe I’m more afraid of my bridge fear than the actual bridges themselves.  Maybe not!

Chad had also suggested that we eat at Fogo de Chao.   We really enjoyed that restaurant.  It’s down in the The Plaza area and I love that part of Kansas City.  Almost makes the KC traffic worth the trip.


Chad grabbed the wine list.  Right!  That wasn’t happening.


My salad! Just seeing the picture makes me want to go back there!


By the time they brought the lamb around, I was stuffed and didn’t get it.  Chad had only had lamb once, years ago when we smoked it, and we all agreed it was horrible!  He’s taking a bite and thinking about it.


Yum!  Good! He’ll have some more!  And, if you think he was happy about the camera making the trip . . you would be incorrect! 🙂

Yes, we’ll definitely go back to this restaurant.  It may be better than the Thai restaurant in Joplin that I love so much!




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    We have a FOGO here in Minneapolis too – we only order the salad bar when we go. Years ago we took the boys to the one in Atlanta and we all laugh about all that MEAT that kept coming around and around and around!

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    pdudgeon says

    well good for you and that bridge! now that’s two bridges under your belt that you know you can do, which means more places to go to and enjoy.

    So glad that the back to school shopping was a great experience for both of you.

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    I liked KC masterpiece when we were in KC a few years ago… Our Army son is Platte City. Oh the things we do for our kids…

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    Marilyn says

    Cabela’s is the place to go for all your back to school needs, LOL. I’m sure you
    know by now all children are manipulators…… I think that starts immediately
    after birth. Congrats on the book and the bridge.

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    Nothing like your mom snapping your picture during dinner in a restaurant! I would say Chad is a pretty good sport. I love the plaza area of KC. Love the fountains and all the buildings and the sparkly sidewalks. I worked in that area years ago but haven’t been back in at least 10 yrs.

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    I love the Plaza area, too. My daughter lived right on the Plaza up until 2 months ago, and we spent a lot of time just wandering around the shops. I could get lost in the Barnes & Noble for an entire day or two!

    I don’t blame you for doing the driving yourself. I used to get the panic attack from my daughter’s driving — she scares me to death! And not only me — she drove my sister around one time, and I followed them in my car, and when we got to where we were going and got out, my sister stood up and said: I don’t know if it’s the heated seats, or if I just wet my pants! My daughter now lives in LA — she’ll fit right in!

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    Linda says

    You are definitely making progress on beating that bridge phobia of yours. Good for you. Life is tough enough without being worried about crossing bridges all the time.

    Cabela’s on the back to school list?? I think it’s a guy thing. I like wandering around in them, looking at all the mounted animal displays and the aquariums but give me a quilt shop or bookstore any day!! Must be a girl thing. LOL

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    I read your blog regularly though don’t have one of my own. Congrats on your new book. Noted your conversation re KC. We drove through your area early this summer. I was driving when we reached KC and I wasn’t a happy driver for a while but made it through construction and all. Coming back we went on the ring road or perimeter what ever it is called there and it was a much easier drive — I was driving again. PS I live in Manitoba, Canada, due north of you.

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    Peggy says

    Judy was that smoked salmon on your salad? It looked good and I am already hungry. Wish I had looked at your blog earlier before I was in the long wait for dinner.

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    peggy says

    I was thinking about you today. We are visiting friends in Truckee, CA. I make an annual visit to the LQS. The route I took today took me over a VERY high bridge above the Truckee River. It actually goes uphill on the bridge. I’m not afraid of bridges, but this one did give me a thrill.

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    Looks like a great restaurant, Judy. Did I ever tell you that I have bridge phobia too? I would have dreams about huge bridges, straight up and straight down, falling through metal gridded bridges, etc. I think this all stemmed from walking across a bridge that spanned the Housatonic River in Connecticut as a child with my mother. I was terrified. She kept telling me it was okay and I was certain I would fall through into the water on that terrifyingly huge bridge over that raging river. Well, I went back there a few years ago and it now appears to be little more than a culvert over a trickle. Either they really re-did that bridge or I have an over-active memory!

    Chad should not mind the camera. He has grown into a handsome young man. You should be very proud of him, even if he is a typical 21-year-old manipulator! 😉

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    Even if Chad doesn’t want his picture taken and shown to the whole world………it was still a great outing……a mother and her son having quality time. And yes children are great at manipulating parents……….and didn’t you say once that he was thinking of politics for his career………..he’s just brushing up his skills on his beloved mother!!!!!

    Karen L