Nap Time

Speaking of nap time . . a couple of nights ago I was just getting ready to go to bed.  I’d turned out all the lights.  It was about 11:30.  Vince had been sleeping for an hour or so.  As I walked down the hall, the phone rang.  Our home phone NEVER rings.  With Chad spending his first week back in the dorm, my heart skipped a few beats as I imagined the worst.  Seems as though someone might have (or might not have) escaped from the jail and Vince needed to know.  Don’t ask . . but Vince dealt with it and went right back to sleep.  Me . . I heard every sound in this entire county for the whole night.  Speck woke up at 4:30 wanting to go outside . . no way was I going out.  I was even afraid to go out to tend to the chickens when it started getting daylight and asked Vince to get up and watch me.  I’m such a chicken!


Here we go again .. I lay a top on the floor and before I can pick it back up, Speck’s found a comfy spot.

DSC07959But, he’s so sleepy.  Look at that yawn!


Go ahead, make yourself comfortable . . take a nap.  I think I’ll go do the same!  And I did.  In fact, I took two naps that day.



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    Evelyn says

    Sounds like you needed 2 naps if you stayed up all night listening to all the sounds. Still, I find it best to listen to your intuition and better safe than sorry. Once I ate at a restaurant when traveling alone and my car was in a dark corner by the time I was finished – I asked the host to walk me out to the car. Looks like Speck found a comfy nap spot!