That’s a Big ‘un!


Look at the size of that egg in the middle!  As I was getting eggs yesterday morning, one of the Red Stars was just getting off the nest.  I reached in and grabbed the egg and I could tell it was a monster.  Ouch!!


Look at it in the carton with the other eggs.  Too bad it wasn’t a green egg . . I could have named it “The Jolly Green Giant!”.



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    But how much did it weigh……..a double yolker????…I would say definately a jumbo. I don’t do cows either…….being chased by a mad, mad bull is not a good memory from my childhood.


  2. 4

    Terri says

    What pretty eggs! You really need to stop showing them, I might begin to crumble under DH’s chicken ideas 🙂

  3. 7

    Judi says

    WOW that is huge. We drove through Nevada on 54 yesterday coming home from CO. Thought about you going through town.

  4. 8


    Wow, that’s awesome. Look at your cute egg gathering basket! I can’t wait to find more eggs…….I check several times a day. Soon, I say, soon. Yeah for eggs!