Spoiled Girls!

When I go outside, the chickens are happily pecking away — looking for bugs, destroying the grass, watching for wildlife — not a care in the world!


But then, they hear me coming.  Then know I’m going to check for eggs.


They all start scurrying up the ramp to get to the coop.  Lots of petting and sweet talking goes on in the coop!  Look who’s almost last in line to greet me . . Miss Congeniality.  The only reasons she’s even coming up the ramp is because she thinks she can peck me!


Well, heck, I stopped to turn on the water faucet and they decided I was taking too long so most of them turned around and went back to the coop.


Wait . . maybe she is coming to see us!


Finally, I got to the coop.  Here they are . . all waiting to greet me, just a little pat on the head, a little rub on the chest and they’re so happy!


And there’s Miss Congeniality!  Just put your hand out lady .. try it . . go ahead!  I’m ready for you!


This is one of the Ameraucanas.  She used to be not so friendly, though I don’t think her main goal in life was to peck me . . unlike Miss Congeniality!  But now, this Ameraucana is one of the first ones in line to be petted.  There’s hope.  Maybe in 10 years, Miss Congeniality will like me too.  Do chickens live 10 years?  I know they don’t and I doubt Miss Congeniality ever decides to be nice but if she does, you’ll be the first to know!



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    Ms. Congeniality is something else. I don’t think I have ever seen an uglier little face. She is so ugly she is cute. Bet you end up being best friends!

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    I hate to tell you this, but I had a Bantam rooster as a pet. In 6th grade we hatched chickens and my mom was naive enough to say I could have one. Six mom’s agreed and 6 of the 30 eggs hatched. Morris Code lived for at least 10 years – although I don’t know that an outdoor chicken will live that long.

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    How funny! We have two goats who begin talking to us as soon as they hear us coming out of the house. What’s even funnier is if they are up on the hill in their pen, they will run all the way down to their gate, afraid they will miss out on something. You gotta love ’em! LOL

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    I Googled “life expectancy of chickens” and it said it is possible for well-kept chickens (which yours certainly are) to live into their teens….but most chickens live about 5-6 years. (Don’t be so nice to Miss Congeniality and maybe she’ll go sooner!!! LOL Just kidding, of course, as I know you are very nice to ALL of them.)

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    Carol says

    Your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face. Some day when you buy your land, build your house and convert the existing building into a quilt studio/hunter’s lodge/meeting place, you’ll have to hold a seminar near by so that we all can come and meet the gang. Thanks again for sharing!

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Which one is Smokey? How many different kinds do you have? the Reds, Americaunus, why is Miss Congeniality so different in coloring? I’m confused but I am interested in all this – I just love your chicken stories!!

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    I love reading your chicken stories and seeing the pictures. If I had the land I’d have chickens, goats, a horse, the whole petting zoo! And those fresh eggs must really be wonderful.