Big Star Top

Finally got the last border on this quilt.


I’ve made the binding, using the purple outer border fabric . . every inch of that fabric that I had left was used and I’m afraid I’ll be a couple of inches short.  I’d love to get it quilted soon.



  1. 1

    Melanie says

    Absolutely love the colors. Makes me want to quilt again! If only I could find the time.

  2. 6


    Such a bright, happy quilt first thing in the morning!

    Not being a morning person, I’m always impressed (and slightly jealous) to see how early you have quilty stuff up. I also think morning people are slightly nutty. Here it is almost 10, and my main accomplishment so far is having eaten breakfast! It’s nice to “check in” with you and get some inspiration for the day while I eat, even if I won’t actually get to sew until much later today.

    Of course, when I’m up and posting quilt pictures at 10 pm, you may think I’m the crazy one!

  3. 7

    Linda says

    I love the colors. Such a pretty, bright combination.
    You should write a book on borders……you come up with such great ones.

  4. 9


    I’m glad you have your Big Star almost ready to quilt. I’m anxious to see what you quilt on it. Mine still needs those last borders. Too late for the Fair this year but not for the Quilt Festival…

  5. 11

    Alexandra says

    Hey Judy,
    it is a great quilt, once again fun, bright and would make any recipient happy to call it their own. Your quilting will make it even better, have fun with that.

    You really are an inspiration
    Alex in Aus.

  6. 14

    Mary Carole says

    My Christmas Big Star is waiting for it’s FIRST border. I’m so far behind that I can see myself coming round the bend!. My Bright Star is still waiting to become stars. I’m waiting with bated (?) breath to see your quilting for inspiration.

  7. 15

    Jerzydeb says

    Wow – that really is beautiful ! I’m so glad I saved those directions – just as soon as I get everything that “must” be done (baby blankets and swaps) that’s going to be first on my list! Yours turned out wonderfully – and I love the border you chose. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.