Neighbors . . Don’t Want Them

The lot next door to us is vacant.  It, along with a couple of lots adjoining it, and a couple of lots across the street from me are still for sale.  I asked Vince if we could please buy the lot next to us because I don’t want neighbors.  He said “NO!  No one is ever going to buy that lot.”  It’s real REAL small and I don’t see how anyone could build a house that meets the minimum square feet.

But, when we lived in KY, there were 2 acres next to us for sale.  I asked Vince if we could please buy those two acres because I didn’t want neighbors.  He said “NO!  No one is ever going to buy that land.”  His reasoning was that the only buildable section was right up at the front, on the highway and then it dropped off.  A creek that ran through the very back of our property came up through the front part of that property.  Well, wouldn’t you know it . . someone bought the 2 acres, and built a house.

At least monthly I say “are you sure we can’t buy that lot next door?”  He doesn’t even answer me any more . . he just looks at me.  The answer is NO!

About a month ago, strangers began walking around on that lot.  Then they put out some stakes like where the four corners of the house would be.  I do not want neighbors!

When I look out the door of my basement, I’m looking toward that lot.  I don’t want to see a house and people.  I want to see grass and land and that makes me feel like I’m not living in the city.

Last night I looked out the door and this is what I saw:


He was messing around in the little creek bed that divides the other lot from my lot.


This is the for sale lot where they’ve been cleaning.  Oh, I almost forgot the whole point of this post.  I was so frustrated about getting new neighbors.  But yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I saw that the prospective new neighbors had chosen a different lot . . one on the corner completely at the other end of the street and they’ve already poured the footings.  Whew . . no new neighbors for now.

Then Vince and I talked:

Me:  Did you see they’re building their house down on the corner instead of next door?
Vince:  Yes, I saw that.
Me:  Can we buy that lot so we don’t have neighbors?
Vince:  NO!  No one is ever going to build on that lot?


Want to see what’s behind my house and off to the side?  This explains why I have so many deer.


Who would think we’re right in town, 4 blocks off the five lane (the five lane with no traffic).  If only we had 40 acres and a pond!



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    We bought a cute little farmhouse when my husband and I got married. The back yard was spacious. We only owned 1/2 an acre but there was nothing behind us or to the side so our land looked huge. Except there were already plans to build a development back there that no one bothered to tell us about. We went from seclusion to corner lot in a few short years.

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    we moved to 2 1/2 acres down a very bad dirt road and have lived there happily for 10 years…yeah “neighbors” eventually found us…we were
    surrounded by 60 unused acres. now they are everywhere – we are leaving
    our “heaven on earth”. But it was worth it for those 10 years!

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    Linda says

    I know just how you feel. There’s a small field…about 5 acres +/- …across the street from us. My greatest fear is that someone will buy it, split it up in lots, and people will build houses there. To the north is fields, behind us is a vacant “wood lot”, to the south is a long vacant house. As perfect as it can get in town.

    That last picture is the perfect view. You really should buy it. Buy as much of the surrounding lots as you can….keep the people and barking dogs at bay. LOL

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    Well… when the house next door to us went up for sale, I tried to talk my hubby into buying it… a rental maybe? I just knew my worst nightmare would move in there… young family with screaming kids, lots of toys, mom and dad too busy to mow the lawn, etc…

    Sure enough, they did. And their dog? Don’t even get me started. We have 5 acres. Today, we were out in the woods, and the other neighbors grandkids were tearing around on their ATV… hubby and I looked at each other and both said at the same time, “boy I wish we were back in Missouri”!

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    Robin says

    i know exactly what you mean!!!! Grew up in a small town where everyone knew everything then moved to a subdivision where my MIL lived across the road- except she knew everything going on. Then we moved to a small city where there was way too much traffic on the streets and stereos blaring,little girls screaming, etc- Was very happy when we moved to the house on 4 acres except the closest neighbors kept coming over whenever we were outside. Now here we are again on a busy street with lots of neighbors again and I can’t wait to find a place ” away from it all” !

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    Marilyn says

    I think Vince should be happy you only want one lot. After all you could
    want all of them. I completely understand your want for space.

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    We used to have a simlar place in our n’borhood. The kids who played there called it “the Gully,” and no one thought that lot was buildable. Well, there’s a house there now….glad the kids grew up before there was! I’d vote with you…get it! It’s the only way to keep it empty.

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    Why don’t you try the idea of buying the lot now at depressed prices and the two lots will be more valuable later when you move and the next owners want more land.

    Having close questionable neighbors may affect your future resale value.

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    Judi says

    I know exactly how you feel, there was a lot between us and the highway that had been for sale, well it sold and they put in a garbage transfer station and now I have to look at dumpsters and semi’s all the time and the highway. This area use to be ALL trees not any more. We own 197 acres but oh how I wish we would of bought that other lot about 17 acres. 🙁

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    Sandy says

    If I were you, I would sure want to buy that lot! The same thing happened to us some 20 years ago. We didn’t feel we were financially able to buy the lot next to us as I was a stay at home mom and the kids were young. Besides, who would ever put a house on that small lot? WELL……..someone did….and they were terrible neighbors. The husband drank all the time and they had shouting matches until they divorced about 10 years ago. It has been quieter except for
    their 4 barking dogs, 2 of which are chained up in the backyard.

    Tell Vince to read this. Maybe it will change his mind. lol

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    lobby for the 40 acres with a pond,or a creek. We moved to the end of a gravel road and are surrounded by BLM and a cattle ranch. Perhaps too quiet for some – but the only noise I hear is the wind in the fir trees or my own music. We are about 45 minutes from Eugene, so I can get all the “culture” and “social interaction” I need anytime I want it, but on my terms. I have my crafts, my garden, my family, and my animals… what more could I want? I love it here.

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    Carol says

    If you can afford it, buy the lot. When I was growing up, my parents tried to buy the lot next door, the last lot in a new subdivision (1/2 acre lots). The builder wouldn’t sell the lot because it was more valuable with a house built on it. Once the house was built and the new neighbors moved in, trouble started. Soon the old neighbors were divided and not speaking all thanks to the new family. Things started to disappear from my family’s garage and appear in the new neighbor’s. The new neighbors tried to build a large illegal 2nd floor deck practically to the property line. My parents had to go to court to stop it. Then, the old neighbors shunned us. This went on for years before each of the old neighbors in turn had similar problems with the new neighbors. Bad neighbors are bad news.

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    Okay, try this. If the lot next to you sells, get Vince to agree to move and get the 40 acreas you dream about. Or just buy the lot now. Which would be more palatable to him.
    My spelling is bad today!

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    Erika says

    Wow – nice view. I wonder if it’s all men, our just ours who think “No one would buy that beacuse I wouldn’t.” (Saying this as the vacant house next door is preparing to be turned into a duplex…)