Just a Little Sewing Time

How many days in a row can you go without sewing before you start feeling a little stir crazy?  I think I sewed Friday.  Yes . . I know I did because I quilted the Rose quilt.   I had plans to get lots of sewing done this weekend but that wasn’t to be.  Saturday we went to look at the land and ended up looking at another piece of land while we were out.  It’s a piece we’ve already seen and I love it.


This is the view across the highway from the cabin. It’s on that highway I love.


How about another view?  There’s plenty of gorgeous land around here.  We just have to find the one that’s perfect for us.  This one is 40 acres too but there are more buildings on it that don’t work for us.  We need something with just plain land.  We really need to look west or south instead of east.  Just a few miles west though is Kansas . . nothing wrong with Kansas but I sure would hate to move 10 miles and have to get new driver’s license and license plates.  And, those people in Kansas think I have a funny accent! 🙂

But, while we were out running around, Vince decided he wanted a watermelon from the Amish market so we went there.  Unfortunately for my sewing plans, we didn’t get just a watermelon.  We got 60 pounds of Roma tomatoes, along with a few other veggies.  Then we stopped at the apple orchard and bought half a bushel of apples.  Oh . . the apple orchard.  An elderly couple own it and I keep telling Vince I want to buy it.  It isn’t for sale!  Maybe for the right price, it would be for sale but I don’t have that kind of $$ but wouldn’t it be fun to own an apple orchard?

I’m surely easily sidetracked tonight, aren’t I?  Maybe it’s just that I finally got out of the kitchen that has me a bit excited.


I got all 60 pounds of tomatoes put up (though this picture was taken when only half the tomatoes and half the apples were done).  I made all the apples into Caramel Apple Jam and put all the tomatoes up . . just plain tomatoes.  33 quarts of tomatoes, 18 pints of jam.  Last year I put the Caramel Apple Jam up in jelly jars but it’s so good, we can eat almost a whole jelly jar size in one weekend!

Then when all the veggies were put away, I ground wheat and made bread.  I’m tired . . really tired!  Started reading a new book on the Kindle this evening and whew . . can’t put it down but I had to have some progress on my design wall because . . tomorrow is Monday!!!  Got a bit of sewing done and as soon as I get the chickens put up for the night, I’m going to curl up with the Kindle and read!



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    Sandy says

    I’m bushed just reading all you have done this weekend. Where DO you get your energy, girl????

    • 1.1

      Angie says

      Don’t get too excited about the Apple Orchard, Judy. We have one, and while it was great when we were young—and our family and friends helped pick and share the bounty–it was fine. When our kids were teenagers they picked the bins and made mad money for school stuff all through high school.

      Now it’s Bill and I. He does very little pruning except to keep from getting his head knocked off while he is discing down the rows between the trees. We don’t spray anymore—“organic” is in ya know! Bugs and all go in the juice! If the tractor breaks down it’s real expensive to fix. Branches sometime hit the hydraulics and anything we gained with the apples has gone into tractor repairs.

      A few apple trees—yes. An apple orchard (like in acres)—say No!

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    Lydia says

    You said “And, those people in Kansas think I have a funny accent!”

    And I was thinking — but Judy, in Kansas you DO have a funny accent. In Louisiana you sound normal, but most anywhere else, you don’t sound “local.” But it’s okay. You speak well and intelligibly, so it doesn’t matter! Just tell those people that if they go to Louisiana it’ll be they who have the accent, and leave it at that 😉

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    Dot says

    WOW!!! I thought I did well just making 9 quarts and 1 pinot of tomatoe sauce. I also made on batch of yellow plum jam. You rock!!!!!

  4. 4


    Usually just a couple days before I’m anxious to get back to work — it’s been almost a week now and tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Keith will be traveling all week so I’m planning lots of sewing/quilting time.

    We had the best time on our trip but I really wouldn’t want to live out in the country (again). I liked visiting but was ready to come home!

  5. 5

    Linda says

    I like the land with the pond.

    If the frost holds off until about Halloween maybe my tomatoes will get ripe too!! LOL

  6. 6


    I have many times I can’t get to sew…and it bothers me. Now…my “new” (not a year-old-yet) Janome is broken AGAIN……after being broken in March. I am disgusted….have to battle this one out tomorrow with the dealer. I think two major breakdowns of a machine that is less than a year old is NOT acceptable. What do you think? Anyway…..when you find the land you like and buy it, I think I want to visit, okay? I want to sample some of your cooking and we could do some sewing together and I’d help gather eggs with you….and I’d NEVER say you have an accent. Sound like a plan???

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    peggy says

    What are you reading, Judy? I’d like to know what a woman of your energy level and interests reads on your Kindle. I keep thinking I’d love to have one (Kindle), but my hubby reminds me the library and used books save money. It’s the instant access of the electronic age that is enticing.

  8. 8


    Holy Moly Woman! What vitamins do you take? I think I did a lot canning 7 quarts of peaches and making zucchini bread today. And I had help!

    I have spent maybe an hour this week at my sewing machine. I miss my machine but school starts soon and I will miss my grandchildren more, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

  9. 9


    Wow Judy – I really believe you are superwoman. Is it the Dr. Pepper that gives you all that energy, or do you have some anti-kryptonite device that keeps you going. Ah, if I could have half your energy I would get so much done. For now, potty training fills my days!

  10. 10

    Patty says

    Judy– how can you show us the photos and praise the taste of the apple caramel jam without giving us the recipe? Please (when you get a chance to take a breath and get at least a nap) post the recipe. Sounds delicious.

  11. 11

    Jerzydeb says

    I spent more time sewing this past weekend then I did all month. Every 6 weeeks I get to have 2 weeks off from my college classes – what a difference it makes.

    You are so darn inspirational with everything you get done in the day. I feel like I accomplished something if I make bread in the Zoji – and I really feel like I go all out when I make pita bread – but to do all that canning ? Impressive !

  12. 12


    After reading about your day I think I have to go back to bed for a little nap! I get tired just reading about everything you do.
    So, what’s the great book you’re reading? Speaking of Kindles – I love mine. Took it on vacation – it’s so nice not to have to drag around a pile of books when we’re traveling.

  13. 14

    Karla Whittington says

    I third the recipe request, was hoping for some sewing time now that hubby is going out but alas my granddaughter will be with me and I don’t know if she will want me to be sewing all night.

  14. 15

    carol c says

    heck i dont want the receipe, i want a jar-lol
    and as for not sewing, i havent in over 2 weeks
    just dont have enough want to , too much going on

    TWISTER Kansas??? you want to move over THERE-not fo rme