The Good About the Land

Yesterday we drove up to look at the 40 acres with the realtor and be sure we knew where all the property lines were and ask any questions that hadn’t already been answered.  Probably everyone who has read my blog more than a couple of times knows that I’m a country girl, I need space, I need to be a bit secluded.  City life is not for me.  Green Acres is the place to be! 🙂  Also, if you’ve read my blog more than a couple of times, I hope you know I always have at least a half full glass.  I can see the good in most anything  and it’s real easy for me to fall head over heels in love with a piece of land that offers little more than a bit of seclusion.  Vince is the realist in this couple.  Though he didn’t know it, I had a check in my pocket.  I was ready to seal the deal on this piece of property.

There’s a highway about 40 miles east of us and I love the property in that area.  There’s one for sale that I’ve had my eye on for about a year.  I keep telling Vince I want to live on that highway.  This piece of property is also on that highway.  Sounds like the planets are aligning for me, huh?


The highway is a minor highway . . pretty much just local traffic and not much of that.  When you turn off the highway, this is the driveway to get to the property.


Here’s another part of the drivewa.  It’s a bit longer than 1/4 mile.  There are a couple of places where a little creek (or two) feed into the pond and cross the driveway and culverts need to be installed.  Not a big deal.


This view . . can you imagine this in a month or so when the leaves are changing color and all those glorious fall colors are reflected in that lake?  I could have stood there all day and looked at the view.


There were some of the coolest spider webs in the trees.  You would think after my encounter with Mr. Spider last week, I would not have been so fascinated with the spider webs.


Way off in the distance you see Vince and the realtor walking around the lake.  What they’re actually doing is performing a scientific experiment.  Vince had sprayed both of us with tick spray, the realtor and his wife did not use tick spray.  They’re seeing who will get the most ticks.  Vince got two that we know of.  He works with the realtor so I’ll have to wait til Monday to see how many ticks he attracted.

I’ll share the numbers once I find out!



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    WOW….looks like you could be quilting in Paradise (although I’d not want to worry about that driveway in a snowstorm!!!!)

  2. 2


    Here’s hoping it works out for you. I agree with you about needing privacy (although as a suburb dweller I’ve never had it) and needing nature to help soothe and inspire those creative juices. The pictures sure make the real estate look dreamy!

  3. 4


    Judy…….I would grab that property in a minute… looks so calm and tranquil, the perfect spot……plenty of space for the chickens, and goats…..are there any fish in the pond?????


  4. 5


    It’s just bare land, right? No buildings, so you can build what you want? It sure is purty! As far as snow, with all the stocking up of the pantry and stash, you should never have to worry about getting out once you are snowed in. Crossing fingers you get what you want. 🙂

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    Judy.. sign me up for the first workshop you have on that beautiful property.. I’m saving already!
    Happy Room Diana

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    Beautiful spot –

    If you need to have a temp building while you are planning your house and quilt studio, look for a “double wide”. That can become Chad’s hunting lodge at some later date. 😉

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Beautiful! Breathtaking piece of property! I so hope you get it. After almost 40 years of city living we now live on a beautiful place in the country. When it snows we stay home!
    No complaints from this country gal. We have geothermal heating and cooling so our large home is comfy for very little spent on utilities.

  8. 12


    I can hear the chickens now…Born Free, as free as the wind blows…wow look at the cow over there, is that ours, and the pig…the chickens will say this because they talked with Charlotte, you know Charlotte from Charlottes Web, or at least that’s what I named in the spider from the web in one of your pictures.

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    Julie says

    Okay, so where is the post “The Bad about the Land”. I feel it coming. Let us have it.

  10. 15

    Sandy says

    Wow! The tree lined driveway had me sold. It is truly beautiful ( can you imagine the fall colors?). I sure hope you get your dream property, Judy. It looks like heaven to me.

  11. 19

    Angie says

    40 acres. Looks wonderful Judy! I live on 5 country acres and can attest to fact it has been a wonderful life here. (40 plus years) It also has been a lot of hard work. My husband and I have done just about everything here ourselves until this past year when he had knee replacement surgery. We are also very self sufficient. Power generator, chain saws, weed eaters and sprayers. We don’t have animals like pigs, cows, goats or chickens—but, plenty of wild life, including the mountain lion. It’s a little piece of heaven—and I hope you can get this property. I always trust that if it’s supposed happen, and you do everything in your power to make happen, and it doesn’t—then it just wasn’t met to be. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  12. 20

    pdudgeon says

    now that looks like a perfect place to use your Farmhouse Quilt—when you get the farmhouse built, of course!

    you’re right, that is a beautiful piece of property.

  13. 21

    carol c says

    Looks like a winner to me

    I fyou can swing it, go for it. Live life, and dance all the way

    wont worry about winter, i wouldnt want to leave, get some
    ducks…….or geese………you will be glad you did one day to get this piece of the pie.
    Even VInce might although he has to be the one to maintain
    it. If you do it Judy, get the kind of mortgage that if something happens to one of you it is paid off. Or do they still do that type o fthing-lol.

  14. 22


    I, of course, love the spider web. Never seen one that big. I agree with all the replies above. You would love it, but the insurance part would be great of course. And the idea of a trailer for Chad’s huting lodge…lol…sounds good to me. Good luck with your decision!

  15. 23


    Nice spot, Judy! It took us almost a year to get our place, I’m trusting yours will be faster than that. The “good” for Vince is that he can now get a TRACTOR! Guys just gotta have a tractor, and they seem to get a good deal of satisfaction out of driving it to do even the smallest jobs… just think how easy it woud have been to move the chicken palace with a big ol’ tractor! Hey, vince could even load that beautiful coop up on a flatbed and move it to the new farm! The girls would have to make the trip in kitty carriers… but you can get those cardboardy ones at WalMart or PetsMart. Or big cardboard boxes would do, and be much cheaper!

    See, I’ve got you all moved in already… and you haven’t even built YOUR house! .Tee hee

  16. 24

    Deb says

    Go for it. I would, and I live on a lake in the middle of nowhere (at least some would think so) Water, land and if it had a BARN, I might go down there and buy it myself! And I am in No. MN. so- winter?? You guys don’t HAVE winter! We dont worry about it, besides, Vince wont want a snow blower, he will want a TRACTOR, with a front loader and a backhoe, and maybe a blade for snow, or dirt. (we dont have one, but mine WANTS one! BAD.) And there is nothing nicer then a snow day where you “cant get out of the driveway”. AHHH, too bad…..
    Good luck, it sounds like no matter where you end up, it will be what you want, or you will make it what you want…

  17. 25


    That place looks l like heaven Judy. I’m a country girl at heart too. Some day, I hope I can find a place out in the wilderness and live there away from too many people!

  18. 27

    JUDI says

    That’s exactly what we are looking for when we downsize and sell this place. just beautiful!!!