The Ugly About the land

Some things we can overlook.  Some things we cannot.  There’s 40 acres.  That’s great!  The lake is right one the northwest corner of the land . . almost on the property line.  That’s not great!  If you want to build a house and have a view of the water, you’d have to build right near the property line too.  The neighbor built their house right on their property line!  Not good! They have dogs . . sounded like lots of dogs; not to mention about 25 disabled vehicles in their yard.  Very bad!  🙁   No way will we have 40 acres and live right on the edge of it, with a house already right on the edge of the property next door.

The ground is almost pure rock!  It would take an unbelievable amount of work to have a garden spot there. Not good.  You know what Vince said?  It would be really hard to have cows there because grass just doesn’t grow on those rocks! A cow!  He mentioned a cow!  🙂

It’s 40+ miles from here which means instead of Vince driving 2 miles to work, he’d be driving 40+ miles to work.  Who knows what the cost of gasoline may eventually be.  Some drive that far to work, or farther, and it’s fine if it doesn’t bother them but it would bother Vince and when I’m out of town, Vince lets Speck out and feeds him at lunch.  Not going to happen if work is 40 miles from home.  And, Vince teaches 3 nights a week; 2 classes in town and one class 50 miles away.  That would put him having to drive 90 miles one way to teach that class.

If the old house wasn’t on the land and it was just land and priced right and the lake wasn’t right on the edge of the property line and we could buy it and save it to build a retirement home, things might be different but for now, we’re going to pass on this one and I’m ok with that decision.  The perfect piece of property is waiting for us and like CJ said, the hunt is half the fun!



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    You are right, the fun is in the chase…………

    The right thing will come along one day. Until then you and Vince can enjoy riding around and looking and planning……..

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    Gees, all this time you were teasing us, thinking that it was a great piece of land. Oops, except for the house. Whoa, no cows, close neighbors, barking dogs – no way!

    Are you tied to Missouri or at least that corner of MO/KS/OK/AR? Afterall, if any of us hear about a 40 acre, wooded, good pasture land with farm pond, etc, etc… we can pass the info to you. After all, if you are willing to wait till retirement , then we can all keep an eye out for ya!

    I hope you told the realtor that you really like that highway location – he can keep an ear open for future stuff, maybe someone is willing to cut up larger acreage to fund their retirement – especially if it is to someone who want to keep it intact and not build another strip shopping mall.


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    Karla says

    We bought 39 acres 32 miles south of Waco, no one close, good water, lots of hay, trees around the lot but no trees on the lot, not in a flood plain but when we had floods down here had to find an alternative route, would I do it again? Not without much more thought.

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    I agree with Vicki,,,,Vince is busted!!!! lol..your future house and land is out there somewhere and someday you will find it when the time is right.

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    I don’t understand-what’s wrong with the house you have now? You really liked it when you moved in!?!

    40 acres? Who’d take care of it? Why take on so much more work now? When does Vince retire?