Do as I Say!

Ever heard that saying – Do as I say . . not as I do! That’s my position.

Monday I said I wasn’t starting any new projects.   Wait . . did I say I wasn’t going to start any new projects or did I merely suggest that you shouldn’t start any new projects?  I’m not sure and I’m not going back to read what I wrote because at this point, it simply doesn’t matter!

Yesterday I started a new project . . but wait . . stop laughing!  I have an excuse!  (Don’t I always?)

When I was at spring market, I handed one of my designs to a magazine.  Technically, I didn’t hand it to a “magazine” but I handed it to the lady who worked for the magazine!  I think she was in advertising or something totally unrelated to what projects go into the magazine.  She was very kind and gave my design to the editors and yesterday I received word that my design was accepted and will be published about a year from now.


A new project was started.  I’m hopeless!  Don’t you think?  I’m using the stash . . does that count for anything?



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    karla says

    No laughing here…. I tell myself the same thing but here I am working on two quilts. Love the rotary cutter, I think I could use a new one what brand is it?

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    pdudgeon says

    i think it’s pure genious bubbling up.
    Once it get’s going there’s no stopping, so just enjoy the fact that you’ll be published again and go right on using up that stash in creative ways.

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    Kathy McC says

    Congrats on having another pattern published. Working from stash is great! And we’re all in the same boat as you. I’ve decided I don’t need more quilts started but then I see the class list for my local quilt shops……need I say more? More UFOs to be sure!

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    Congratulations, but a whole year is a long time for us to wait! Using stash absolves you from any negative aspect of starting a new project.

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    Yup…using stash does absolve you of any guilt about starting a new project. Of course, with the size of your stash, you could start a new project daily (and not feel guilty)….right? LOL

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    Congratulations on getting accepted for publication….can you at least tell us which magazine so we can subscribe so we won’t miss it. Let us know when it gets close to the date.


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    Marilyn says

    You didn’t start a new project. You had already started that project, just hadn’t cut the fabric out yet. You had started the design before your statement about not starting projects, so anything you have designed, you can sew. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Permission to sew anything you have designed–granted

    • 11.1


      Well, look at you!! That is wounderful news. It goes to show that you don’t know what will happen if you just try something – and you had the design, gave it to someone, who passed it along, and now, you are going to be published!!!
      And like was said – it’s not a new project. Your just working on an old idea – working out the kinks, and we appreciate that!! Nothing worse than working on a patten and somethign is wrong with it!! ahhhh!! So thank-you in advance for your care and attention!! (uh, does that help with the ‘oh no!! what have I done’ feelings!!)

      And yesterday, while I was working on this weeks project – I realized just how much fabric I have…. and I don’t have alot. But I do have lots of small pieces that are really alot of fabric if you think about it. I should not have to buy any fabric for the rest of the year…….. and since I love scrappy quilts, I am set maybe for two!! no, kidding, that would be pushing it……….. maybe……………

      Thanks for the stashbusting idea. Waste not, want not, and using up the smaller pieces, is an excellant way to strech the stash even farther. And I personally like the way all the fabrics play together. You don’t realize what you have hidden on yourself till you see another box and see what’s in it. And I am looking forward to seeing what design you have created for this magazine!!!

  8. 13


    Just giggling here…I was proud of how I was doing with my stash and just found a tote of some fabric I bought and hadn’t reported….ugh… We are hopeless!

    Tomorrow is another day.

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    I’m laughing!

    I know we have good intentions when we tell ourselves not to start new projects until finishing old ones or to use our stash rather than buying new fabric but the reality is that starting new projects and buying new fabric are two of the really fun things about quilting.

  10. 15


    Using the stash is good…. starting a project is ok. knowing YOU, you’ll have it done in week or so… but tell us about the paper triangles ! I need something precise that doesnt need trimming after ironing……. ?? hmm this might be an idea..

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    sue w says

    I also have two clover cutters , a 28 and a 45mm. As I am left handed these can be adapted to either hand. sue

  12. 17


    This is why human beings rule the world: they never run out of ideas! I say go for it, really enjoy the heck out of the new project, Judy!

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    Dorothy says

    Congrats on the publication being wise enough to choose your design. Inquiring minds want to know which magazine!