Tomatoes & Basil

Do you know how much I love tomatoes and basil?  Either together or separately.


This is tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic to be roasted for a pizza.  Only problem is, when it comes out of the oven, it’s so good to spread it on crusty bread, with a little parmesan cheese . . yum!


A little bit of it made it to the pizza.  It’s pretty hard to eat pizza out after having homemade.  But, really . . who needs pizza when there’s basil, tomatoes and garlic all roasted together?



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    Oh yeah! I have hubby completely spoiled with homemade pizza. We did this the other night, added red and green peppers and I had caramelized some sweet onions to add to the pizza.
    Again, I thank you for showing me the way. 😉

    Oh and more good new–another UFO bites the dust. YeeHaw

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    Cheryl L says

    I love a fresh salad of just sliced tomatoes topped w/sliced Fresh mozzarella, chopped fresh basil, salt and Olive oil! YUMMY!!!! I can make a meal just on this, it’s THAT good!

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      Beverly says

      Have you tried pizza on the grill? It’s just great. Once I started making it I never want to order out either!

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    Nichole says

    Looks so yummy. Would you mind sharing how long you roast them and at what temp? How about your pizza crust recipe – or is it already on here somewhere and I missed it? thanks Judy for sharing both quilts and recipes. I love both and have made several of your dishes and your quilt patterns!

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    bettina says

    that pizza photo looks so yummy…..too bad i had cut out all flour products from my diet

    will try eating your tomatoes and basil alone though

    great blog

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    I do exactly the same thing Judy… LOL I even made a pizza tutorial about it! Tomato sauce just can’t compare to roasted tomatoes, yum yum!

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    Yeah but youse guys haven’t had NY pizza. Nobody makes it right outside of NY! Same with bagels and really good Italian bread-that’s got to come from Jerome Ave in the Bronx.