Here’s Good Customer Service

My dad bought a new fridge about a year ago . . about a year and a week ago I suppose.  It’s one of those with the double door fridge at the top and the freezer at the bottom.  Big and roomy!  But, the darned thing has been a real pain.  I think the ice maker has been replaced three times and is broken again . . one week after the warranty ran out.  When I was there in July, just the regular course of the three of us using ice, I had to run to the store one night and buy a bag of ice before dinner!

Dad bought the fridge at Lowe’s.  I’m not going to say the brand of the fridge because I . . well, I’m just not.  Dad called Lowe’s and they said “The warranty is out.  You’ll have to call the manufacturer and see what they will do.”  Dad called the manufacturer and they said . . sorry, the warranty was out 3 days ago!  Didn’t care that the same part had been replaced 3 times already.

Dad went to Lowe’s and had a talk with the manager and a brand new fridge was delivered to Mom & Dad yesterday afternoon.  I really don’t believe the company who sells something or the manufacturer should be responsible for everything forever and when something has a one year warranty and that warranty is up .. then it’s your problem but when you buy something . . a fridge, a car, a sewing machine . . and you have the same part replaced three times and it’s broken a fourth time within one year, someone should replace it!  Ideally, in my opinion, the manufacturer should have stepped forward but they did not and it’s a shame because that’s the brand fridge I was thinking about but probably will not consider now.

I’m glad my dad stood up for himself and went straight to the Lowe’s manager and got this issue resolved.   No doubt, some have horror stories about things that happened at Lowe’s but this was a good outcome and I’ll be happy to do business with them in the future.



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    Evelyn says

    It is good to know that your Dad got a happy outcome in this story. Hopefully next time you visit you won’t have to run out and buy ice! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Good for your dad. It’s unfortunate the manufacturer failed to honor their responsibility. Points go the manager of Lowes for taking care of the problem.

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    I glad your Dad had a good outcome and hopefully the new refrigerator will perform for him. I had this same issue with my dishwasher……….you would think the manufacturer would realize after the same part is replaced multiple times that there is something wrong with it…… story doesn’t have a happy outcome……I ended up putting in a new one.


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    bettina says

    good to hear that local brand stores are able to think outside the box and give customers a fair break

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    I agree….when an appliance, car, etc. has a history of the same part breaking while UNDER warranty, they should fix it if it breaks again out of warranty. Truthfully, when they put a new part in during warranty, I think THAT part should have a one-year warranty on it and if it breaks again during that time, the manufacturer needs to bear responsibility for the bad appliance (or car). It’s sad when they don’t and I’m happy Lowe’s did right by your father……although they shouldn’t have had to do it….the manufacturer should.

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    Yeah for Lowes! and for your parents.
    Wish me luck everyone, I am about to take my computer back to the store for a replacement after it not being repaired by the company. Let’s hope Best Buy is as good as Lowes.

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    Pam says

    When you have a problem, always go to top management. Management cannot afford to have an unhappy customer, especially in this day and time.

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    Rebecca says

    I was thinking exactly what Pat said: the replacement part should have a warranty from date of replacement.

    I sure hope it’s not the same brand as what my brother got for his complete kitchen remodel! He’s getting that style. I wonder about those icemakers, though…I have a friend with that style fridge, and she’s had trouble with the icemaker. We’ll just bring bags of ice if we’re going be there with others for an evening. (The hostess uses a LOT of ice in her drink).

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    carol c says

    i agree with you
    we bought one locally
    they repaired it also 3x
    refused to come back out
    it freezes in the fridge part, still
    i bought a mini fridge to put fruit and veggies in
    real cold drinks
    frozen meats in the fridge, etc