The Magic Ingredient


Patience!  Fooled you, huh?  Started out with a full pot and let it simmer down to this.  Gumbo is really better if made the day before you plan to serve it.  The slow simmering just blends all the flavors.  Can’t make a pot of gumbo quickly!


Nothing’s been taken out of the pot, it just simmered down to a nice, thick gumbo.


Shortly before serving, I added parsley and green onions.  I actually added a whole bowl full of each but forgot to take a picture so I had to chop a little more for the picture!


Serve over a pile of hot rice and homemade file’.  My family is happy and full tonight!


Creme Brulee for dessert but I forgot to take pictures after adding and melting the sugar on top.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to get a picture of the last three with the melted sugar.



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    Judy I just have to tell you that my husband makes the best gumbo in the world. The whole world. Even including Louisiana. He makes it just like you but he adds shrimp, crawfish tails and okra. He’s famous. Just in our family but it’s a big family. blessings, marlene

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    Carol says

    That looks so good. Hopefully I can find “fresh” file’ here on Long Island, NY. Your homemade looks so more appealing. Creme brulee, mmmm.

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    OK, do you sprinkle the file powder over the rice and ladle in the gumbo? Or add the file to the gumbo pot?

    Also, please confirm that there are no tomatoes in this. Which is fine by me, but just making sure….

    Thanks so much, once again!

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    Oh…did you have to mention creme brulee? I don’t know how to make it and there aren’t many places around here where you can get it, either. *sigh* I WAS interested in the gumbo until you mentioned the creme brulee….then all thoughts of the gumbo flew out of my head!!!