About the Stash Report

Since I don’t have enough to think about, I’ve been thinking about the stash reports for 2010.  Any interest in continuing it?  I’ll continue to do my own and will include Mr. Linky boxes if others are interested.  We’ve had a good number continue through the year.  I think we had 27 reports last week.  Not sure what we started off with because Mr. Linky did something and I can’t see the older ones.

My questions are:

(1)  If you’re stashbusting, are you interested in continuing the reports into 2010?

(2)  If you’re not stashbusting, do you make a point to come here to read the stash reports?  Entertainment value maybe?  🙂

Doesn’t matter to me if we continue them or not . . I’ll be stashbusting for the rest of my sewing years.



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    I think you had the number in the high 50’s for the first couple months, then it started to taper off. And, based on my stats, there are a lot of people who do look at these reports even though they do not report. Heck, I watched for a while and then made the decision to start with the new year.

    But, yes, I will continue to stashbust and track my stats. I hope you continue to have Mr. Linky since it does keep me “in line”. I am already thinking about new goals and I will probably even start posting weekly or monthly goals & progress reports – it seems to help other quilters to keep going on those UFOs.

    And, I do check out what other people do because it is fun! And I found a few blogs that I go back and check into on other days.

    Since you are looking for some property and may be traveling more on weekends, do you need to change reporting days? If yes, then perhaps stashbusting can go to Mondays so we report what we did on the weekend and move design wall reports to later in the week? Or, can you schedule Mr. Linky reports so it doesn’t matter when you make those posts?

    You are kinda doing this as a “public service” for us quilters, so please make it easy on yourself….we don’t need you to get stressed out on this!

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    I started the stashbust reporting but have tapered off for the summer only reporting once a month or so……….its wild around here in the summer and when I do get a chance to be at my machine is a real treat……. I’ve learned alot of by keeping track…not so much what I buy, but how much fabric actually does go into a quilt…….so for me it has been an eye opener. Once it slows down here, I’ll be able to start sewing again about mid October or so. I do miss spending time with my sewing machine and hope to start bonding with her again.


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    I enjoy the reports. I agree with Liz, I’ll keep plugging along, but definitely keep yourself happy and free spirit 🙂 Love you blog, you have such moments that make me smile.
    I have tried to stay caught up all year, I had a few weeks of no reports, no sewing.

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    I like reading everyone’s stash reports. I admit I have more time to read them all fall/winter/spring. I use my stash report to balance “needs” vrs “wants”. It really has helped with my spending. Yes, I would participate again next year. Sometimes its pure entertainment value!

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    Judy, my whole reason for starting a blog was to report on the Stash Report. Am I interested in doing this again next year?? YES!!
    I love this keeping track of what I am doing, thinking about what I have, instead of just going and grabbing the next thing that catches my eye.
    but, my favorite part of this is clicking on all the other peoples stash busing reports and seeing what is going on out there.
    I have ‘met’ some great people through this site and for me, I would miss this if it stopped.
    I could see it being alot of work for you, and if it is, stop if it’s becoming a burdern. but if you are asking to see if interet is there – put me on the “Yes Please!!” side!!

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    pdudgeon says

    yes, absolutely i probably will get back on the waggon next year with the stashbusting.
    I am a whole lot more organized now than i was when i started last year, and my stash is in much better shape as well.
    I’d love to see some empty containers, more floor room, and finished quilts around here again, so count me in!

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    I love the stash reports even though I don’t participate. I have only been buying fabric to finish projects for going on 3 years now–most of the time. There are still gotta have fabrics that I can’t resist. 😉
    I love reading how everyone is doing so I hope you continue doing the weekly stash report. I’ve made some great blog friends through the stash report.

  8. 9


    I like to read others stashbusting reports and follow their blogs. I have found so many blogs I like through your blog. I will continue to make goals and reporting is a nice commitment to that goal.

    I like the design wall Monday too. I don’t report on that but I love seeing what others are up to.

  9. 10


    I haven’t officially been stashbusting this year but have been thinking about starting next year or maybe even be a late starter now. What do you think? Does the fact that I bought 8.5 yard of fabric yesterday make me bad?

  10. 11

    Donna S (in MI) says

    I am stash busting though I don’t have a blog to link to. And I am even keeping my stats in an Excel spreadsheet so I can see how I am doing. Better yet, I am still ahead in the use column so that is good.

  11. 12

    Peggy says

    Judy I read every stash report and every design wall report even when I don’t post. I enjoy looking at other blogs and usually look at some of the blogs other people like to look at for inspiration

  12. 13


    I’m going to continue next year — and I actually plan to BUST! Don’t laugh. I really am! Just wait and see!

    This year I didn’t sew very much for one reason or another. I want to try to get a few things finished up before year’s end, mostly they just need backings pieced or a last border. But I want them in the to-be-quilted pile instead of glaring at me from the UFO pile.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Since I don’t have a blog, I do not complete a Mr. Linky stash report. However, the whole stashbusting concept you started has helped me to write it down and keep track of incoming and outgoing fabric. Plus I read the reports of everyone every week (as well as design wall Monday reports). I love to see how everyone is doing. Keep up the good work!

  14. 15

    Linda says

    I don’t post to the stash report, but I do enjoy reading other quilters’ posts. It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to. And when I hear about the size of other peoples’ stashes I don’t feel so bad about mine!!

  15. 16

    Ardelia says

    Since I don’t blogged I haven’t posted my purchases and uses, but I have kept up with it this year. I have surprised myself with how much I have used, but there have been a lot purchased. You and everyone else has inspired me to do better this year.

  16. 17

    Linda says

    I don’t do the stash busting as i have a limited stash…however I do enjoy reading (and drooling over!) others!

  17. 18


    I’ll do it again next year. I really like reading other people’s reports and know that I’m not the worst stashbuster on the planet. There is also lots of photos of works in progress and newly aquired fabric. I love it all!

  18. 19


    I didn’t do teh stash report because I didn’t quilt at all this year. But since I plan on joining a quilting group this month, I’m sure stash busting will be critical for me. Given the stash I have for needlework and for paper crafting, i seem to be prone to building stashes, and I really don’t have room for a quilting stash!

    So I vote yes! If it’s not too much trouble or you..

  19. 20


    I enjoy reading the stash buster reports. My problem is that I don’t keep accurate track of how many yards I buy (or have on hand) and then how much I use. BUT….I do know this stashbusting thing you do has made me very conscious of trying to “shop my stash” first and then buy only if I really need something. It is keeping me on my toes, I guess you could say!

  20. 21

    Cindy Kuipers says

    I don’t report, BUT… I do read them and visit others blogs. I find it inspiring to see how others use their stash and I am certainly more aware of mine and am trying to use it instead of buying new.

  21. 23

    Lydia says

    Oops, I didn’t mean to submit that! I don’t have a blog, so I don’t post a stash report. In fact, that’s WAY too much figuring and record-keeping for me. (Do I count as “busted” the strings from straightening the fabric edges? The strips I’ve cut and put into my scrap bins? The entire amount for a backing, even though some of it gets trimmed off and cut down into strips and goes into the scrap bins? The ends of strip sets that go into my assorted scrap stuff?) But I do enjoy seeing how you (and others who have “gone public” with a usage goal) are doing. And like others have said, it’s led me to some blogs I quite enjoy. I do shop my stash first, but I don’t worry about it — if something speaks to me and wants to come home with me, I let it. But as my stash has grown, I find that fewer things talk to me, and they don’t typically talk as loud. So my buying has naturally tapered off from when I first started quilting 20 years ago. Lately, I rarely even visit a quilt shop, unless I need something specific — and there are several within a few miles of my house! So I avoid temptation to some extent by not visiting.

  22. 24


    I love the accountability and it’s really opened my eyes as far as my fabric spending habits are concerned. My stashbusting is still in the red, but I am using much more restraint. I vote for continuing the weekly reports! Thanks Judy, for all you do!

  23. 26


    Like someone else said, I started blogging to participate in the weekly stash report. But you’ve got to do what makes you happy.

    I try to read all of the reports — although I haven’t gotten that far today — just to see what’s out there. To congratulate those that are getting more fabric out than they bring in and to commiserate with those who are have brought more in than they’ve gotten out.

    Now that I’ve been tracking my usage for 8 months, I’ll probably continue — especially since I did a rough count of my fabric and freaked out at the #.

  24. 27

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I don’t have a blog, but I do enjoy reading what others post. Since I’m new to your blog, I do not know the “official” rules of how to keep track of your stashbusting. Is it necessary to pre-count every yard olf fabric in your existing stash? If so, that might take me a year to do. I would love to start now or in 2010 and keep track of what I buy and what is used from my stash. I already have a UFO list on a spreadsheet that I started in 2003 and have made a small dent in it. This year it had 50 UFO’s in Jan. and now it’s down to 46. I did say a “small” dent. I enjoy your blog and hope you keep inspiring us to check stash first. Thanks Darlene S

  25. 28


    Now I feel really guilty that I have let my blog report on stash busting slip through the net. My teachers always said “Diana could do better” !
    How about having an increasing your stash instead of stash busting program, we have to keep the local shop owners in business! and just think how good we would all feel HAVING to buy fabric!

  26. 29


    Now I feel really guilty that I have let my blog report on stash busting slip through the net. My teachers always said “Diana could do better” !
    How about having an increasing your stash instead of stash busting program, we have to keep the local shop owners in business! and just think how good we would all feel HAVING to buy fabric!
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  27. 30

    Kathy in FL says

    I started stash busting this year, and even though I’m not very good at it (I’m still haven’t busted anything. I still buy more than I use.), I like keeping track of what I use and what I buy. I don’t blog, so it’s all just for my own information. I’m going to keep it up next year, and probably for many years to come, too. It keeps me motivated to sew something every day.

  28. 31


    I’m definitely planning on stashbusting again next year. I’ve done better this year, but I still have a ways to go to get where I want my stash to be. Thank you for all you do to keep us (or try to) in line.

  29. 33

    Bessie H says

    I don’t blog but I love to read other’s and it is a good way to find quilty blogs. I am in no way stash busting but I like to think that if I wanted to I could because you have showed us all how.

  30. 34


    I started my blog just to have a place to report my weekly progress. I’m really happy to be doing this – it feels so freeing to watch some stuff get done and moved out of the house! I’ve started posting weekly goals, too, since that helps me keep focused, after watching other folks do it. I love reading the other posts, and I read the design-wall Monday ones too even though I don’t post one. I will keep tracking next year, as I need to make more progress, and I hope you will want to continue leading us in the reporting!

  31. 35

    Jerzydeb says

    I was too late to jump on the wagon in the new year – but will definately be wanting to join in come 2010 …. so hoping you continue – some of the numbers have been really impressive !

  32. 36


    I was tracking my fabric really well while we were wintering in Florida. Then came April and our return home which included finishing (ourselves) a huge kitchen remodel. All sewing became stolen moments and attempts to keep track flew out the window. I have to tell you though that I really wish that I had worked harder at keeping track and keeping up. I’m back in the tracking mode and had actually thought about just starting over from now. I have really made good progress using my stash. I will definately be in the New Year group so if you can keep it going I’m in.

  33. 37


    I am interested in continuing. The last few months have been medically challenging in my extended family, so Sundays have not always seen me finishing my posts, but I do come read everyone else’s on Monday, even if I don’t get mine done!

  34. 38

    TerryG says

    I LOVE the stash reports. I want to participate but I still haven’t started a blog yet. It has been on my TO DO list for quite awhile. I think the accountability would really motivate me to get more done. By the way, thanks for the binding by machine tutorial. I bound a raffle quilt by machine last night and it was so fast and easy! The binding might not be as perfect as I could have done by hand, but it still turned out fine. I’m sure no one is going to nitpick over the binding.

  35. 39

    Linda Wagner says

    I don’t have a site, but I do look at the reports. It has motivated me to use up my stash (not too successfully at this point, but I’ll keep trying.)

  36. 40


    YES!!! You’ve certainly kept me on track with the reporting…and I’m not that far from my goal of 300 yds for the year. I think I can whip out another 100 yds before the end of the year.

    I’ll be here for 2010 if you decide to continue.

    Susan ~ Patchkat in TX

  37. 41

    peg says

    I like reading the reports. I think it makes me feel better that someone out there has more fabric than I do. Right! There is isn’t there?