Yummy Homemade Buns

I love kneading dough by hand.  I don’t so much like kneading whole wheat dough by hand though because it’s so sticky . . thank goodness it works just fine to knead it in the mixer.


But for white type breads, I enjoy the hand kneading.


After letting it rise, it needs to be shaped into buns.  Being the “just can’t wing it” kinda girl that I am, the rolls had to be weighed out and each one had to weigh 4.5 ounces.


They were mashed into flat globs, later to be golden, delicious hamburger buns.  See that little one on the left bottom?  I was so waiting for that one to be ready, to enjoy with a little butter and some caramel apple jam.


First tray out of the oven and ready for the grill.


Yum!  Burgers cooked on the grill, grilled onions and toasted homemade buns.

Remember that little bun I was waiting for?  Chad ate it while I was outside grilling!  Didn’t even ask . . just grabbed it up and ate it.  Do you think he should get by with doing that?  Oh well . . he must’ve been hungry.  Can’t withhold food from a starving young man.



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    Thanks my friend, I was shopping for new bread pans, came here to find which ones you recommend, then I see hb buns. Aren’t those the best?? I love to slice them & put them in the toaster when making BLTs. Or just some butter and jam……..Now back to the search for the bread pans. I am stocking up on wheat, yeast for DD and I and who know’s what else. 😉 You converted me, I converted her….who’s next???

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    You’re making me Hungry… I might try some of the caramel apple jam too. Gotta make some more of my Chili Sauce. Judy D said she shared my recipe with you. Try it you’ll never use Ketchup as much again.

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    Everything taste better homemade. It may take a little more effort, but it’s worth it. Those buns, grilled onions, and burgers look great.

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    Lydia says

    Well, Judy, it seems that Chad has developed an expectation that anything in the house, which doesn’t eat him first, is up for grabs. I’m reminded of a remark you made a while back about having leftovers in the fridge, thinking you’d use them for Vince’s lunch, but no, Chad had come home late and eaten them. So if he’s been operating under that expectation all along, why would he NOT do so with a bun? And why would he ask first? In his world, it makes perfect sense that if he wants it, he should eat it.