Warning Label Needed

Are you tired of hearing me rave about the Amish market?  A month or so ago we got a yellow watermelon there and it was honestly like eating candy.  It was so sweet.  A couple of weeks ago we bought another yellow one and it was good but not as good as the first one.  We also bought a huge red one.  I’m not even sure I could have picked up that watermelon.  We cut it this past weekend.  It’s even better than was the first yellow one we had.


Don’t you think watermelons should come with the following warning labels:

  1. Do not spill juice into keyboard!  (I did not!)
  2. Do not eat your weight in watermelon after 7 p.m.  Need I say more?



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    We live in an area that grows terrific watermelons…….which start being available shortly after July 4th. They are wonderful and hubby and I eat WAY more than our weight of them over the course of the summer, I’m sure. The yellow ones are pretty good, too, although not as consistently good as the red ones. I know what you mean about eating it in the evening, though….better sleep near a bathroom. (Sorry…maybe that’s TMI….too much information??)

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    Linda says

    Maybe I’ll have to put a bug in Lavina’s ear (she’s the lady who runs the local Amish store) to organize all the Amish ladies into having extra big gardens & selling the surplus at her store for a little extra cash. She’s only been in business for a few months and hearing you rave about the one near you makes me want hers to grow and get better fast.

    There are plenty of older Amish kids who could help their mothers in the gardens and maybe save a little money for when they go out on their own. I wonder if we could sell our many, many Prairie Spy apples there?? Instead of giving them away free to the Amish. LOL

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Yum! But sure are sure playing with fire with the melon sooo close to your keyboard! I glad you had no accidents.

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    Funny you should mention watermelons…..

    There was an article in today’s newspaper (Oklahoman) that mentioned that state watermelon producers wanted to find out what to do with the wasted watermelons (about 25% are deemed unsaleable). A chemist figured out a way to make ethanol from watermelons that is cheaper and faster than using corn. Another company is working on a movable processing plant that can travel between farms and produce ethanol for the farm!


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    I really like watermelon for breakfast. I get the seedless ones, small, and since I am the only one here that likes watermelon, I eat a quarter of it at a sitting. It is a great way to start the day.

  6. 9

    Sarahe4e says

    RE #2: I laughed til I my eyes and nose were dripping. Haven’t we all been there and done that?

  7. 10


    Did your daddy every tell you that if you swallowed a seed, that a watermelon would grow in your belly? I know he was teasing me, but I was at a young, impressionable age – and I about had a cow when I accidentally swallowed one!