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You all really came up with good points about issues on which quilters disagree.  Thanks!  Want to know my opinion on the questions about disagreement?  Yep, I’ve always got an opinion on most everything! 🙂

Just remember that we all have opinions and preferences.  What works for me may not work best for you.  Heck, what works best for me today may not be what works best for me tomorrow.  My recommendation is to try different techniques or methods and see which works best for you.  Don’t do something because that’s the way it’s always been done or because Suzy Q. said to do it that way.  You try it and if you like it and it works for you . . that’s the best way for you!

And, there’s not really a right or wrong way in most cases.  I’ve seen winning quilts with every kind of batting imaginable; with every kind of thread imaginable; with binding finished by hand or by machine, etc.

Quilters for the most part are considerate and encouraging but if you’re of the opinion that ONLY hand finished binding is acceptable and you quilting friend finishes hers by machine, if she’s happy with it, why worry about it?  You don’t have to tell your friend that she’s using the WRONG binding but you can simply suggest she try you favorite batting.  You might want to try her favorite batting too because you might like it.

In the quilting world, there’s room for lots of opinions, lots of preferences, lots of hugs, lots of smiles. Have I told you all lately that I’m so glad most of my friends are quilters?

Here are answers to some of the issues that came up:

  1. Tearing or cutting:  I prefer that quilt shops tear fabric.  When I get home, I always tear off the cut edge.  I don’t tear borders or anything else but I like my edges torn the first time.
  2. Washing or not washing:  I wash everything.  Before it ever gets to the sewing room, it gets washed.
  3. Batting:  No strong convictions about batting.  I love Mountain Mist Gold which is poly; I love Mountain Mist Rose which is cotton; I love Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 when it’s good . . it isn’t always good; I love Warm & Natural for wall hangings; I love Hobbs wool but I’ve never used Quilters Dream wool and I hear good things about that.
  4. Thread:  I piece with Superior Masterpiece.  I do a lot of quilting with Signature cotton.  I also use Superior So Fine, sometimes I use Superior Bottom Line, sometimes I use Maxi-Lock.
  5. Steam or dry iron: I prefer steam.  On the discussion about steam or dry, someone suggested spritzing with a bottle instead of steam from the iron.  I tried it and when ironing lots of fabric, and the fabric felt damp even after pressing.  Because I fold the fabric immediately and stick it on the shelves, I surely didn’t want to fold it while the least bit damp so my preference is still steam from the iron.
  6. Machine or Hand Quilting:  I think you know the answer to that.  The quilt I started hand quilting about 15 years ago isn’t finished . . if that tells you anything.
  7. Applique:  I don’t do a lot of machine applique but if I did halfway decent needle turn (and one day I’m gonna!), it would be only needle turn for me.
  8. Hand guided vs. computer quilted:  Many of us quilt for a living and a computerized machine is fantastic for that.   As far as quilt shows and competition, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to make the decisions about what to do on that issue.
  9. Hand binding vs. machine binding:  If it looks good, I don’t see what difference it makes.  I’ve seen award winning quilts with the binding finished by machine.  Unless you really look closely at my recent quilts, you’d have a hard time knowing they’re finished by machine.

Now you know how I feel about all the important issues in life! 🙂



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    I find I agree with your thoughts on these issues. I also related very well to someone on the original post of this topic who mentioned Walmart vs. quilt-store-quality fabric. When I was beginning to quilt, I’d not have been able to afford it if I only bought fabric from the quilt shop…..and I think it is wrong of the many ladies in the guilds to which I’ve belonged who look down their noses at the gals who don’t buy quilt-shop fabric. It’s a shame some quilters can’t appreciate that quilting can be a hobby for all….even if you can’t afford the best-quality fabric. I now can buy mostly quilt-shop fabric and have to say that I have sometimes gotten fabric (not often…but have gotten it) in quilt shops that gets very “stringy” and “frizzy” around the edges and didn’t impress me at all. I try to be understanding that a quilter might not have used “good” fabric as she might not have enough money to do that….and I respect her workmanship and desire to do this craft anyway!!!

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    There are some people that need to be critical in order to feel good about themselves……….. I avoid those people. That is why I got out of the Guild and started my own small group to meet once a month at my house. There are 6 of us. All handpicked because they are supportive of others. I found another group of like minded people and we meet once a month for an all day quilting adventure………..

    Life is too short to be with unkind people.

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    I think you said it best when you said:

    “What works for me may not work best for you. Heck, what works best for me today may not be what works best for me tomorrow. My recommendation is to try different techniques or methods and see which works best for you.”

    But then I’m left handed, so have had to learn to do most things “my way” over time!

    Great discussion, interesting read!

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    I love it how you always present the pros and cons, Judy, and then tie it all together to make us think about it. On the fabric issue: I have noticed from reading blogs that a lot of younger quilters coming up are using vintage sheets, recycled and “repurposed” fabric in their work and coming up with some really outstanding results. It’s like going full circle back to our grannies’ days.

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    One of the things I love about quilting are all the different things you can do. I don’t get the whole attitude of “I would NEVER do that!” So what? Everyone is different. I love how you say to try something new. I was nervous about applique and then got over myself by saying ” It’s just fabric and thread!!” Now I love it!! I do the blanket stitch and could do it all day. See!! Sometimes thinking outside of our own boxes can bring us great pleasure. 🙂 Plus, when we get over our selves and listen to someone else and how they do things we can learn something new. It’s a win win if you ask me!
    Love your thought provoking questions Judy!! Keep em coming!

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    One of the nice things about being self taught, never having been to a quilt show or classes, never belonging to a quild, and not knowing any other quilters, is that you’re not influenced by anything at all, LOL You just grab things and start creating!

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    Okay Judy, I am going to show my ignorance here. When I am piecing a quilt using my sewing machine, my thread throws a lot of dust bunnies. My bobbin case gets rather disgusting and I have to clean it out regularly. I have learned it is because I am using poor quality thread. This Superior Masterpiece is okay for piecing then? Do you recommend a specific weight?

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    Carol says

    Unfortunately, there are too many people who take quilting way too seriously. For me, it’s a hobby and I want it to be enjoyable. I don’t want quilting to be a competition with set rules. When I’m at a quilt show, I want to marvel at someone’s creation not hear criticisms. If we all followed the same rules, all those wonderful techniques and tools wouldn’t have invented. We’d still be cutting pieces with scissors and templates and -gasp- hand piecing and quilting!

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    Robbie says

    Judy, Your statement “there’s not really a right or wrong way in most cases” is totally correct! Thank you for making everyone feel good about their love of quilting. The world is a great big place and there is room for all of us who quilt.