Busy, Busy Week

This week has flown by!  I’m out of town with my good friend and somehow, we have to cram everything back in my car this morning and start heading south towards home.  Here’s just one small portion of what has to fit into the car:


Rolling bags full of quilts, shopping bags full of Elaine’s bounty, a bag or two of dirty clothes . . it barely all fit on the way here and now we’ve gone and added yards and yards of fabric . . mostly thanks to Elaine!  Yes, that’s true.  Elaine went to seven quilt shops and as she says — I still didn’t hit them all! Thank goodness or I’d be buying a bigger vehicle to get us home.

Yesterday I finally had time between teaching and eating out to hit one shop.  I’ll have to add it all up when I get home.  Somehow, the receipt has disappeared, probably accidentally on purpose.


All I bought was three shades of pink batiks, two different stripes and a peachy Nell’s Flower Garden fabric that I’ve had before and loved.  I get so excited when I find an old fabric that I’ve had before and have used up.  Somehow, I may be missing the point of stashbusting when I am so happy to replace what I’ve used but I sure like some of those older fabrics.

And, in my spare time late at night, I finished a pair of socks.


My sweet friend can sniff out a quilt shop 50 miles away so there’s no telling how many stops we’ll make along the way home but we’ll drive across a few states and across a scary bridge or two and eventually, we’ll arrive back in my little town . . home, sweet home and I’ll be real happy to be there!



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    Hope you take a picture of the ‘packed’ car. I’m sure you’ll manage to cram everything in – there’s always room for fabric! Have a safe trip.

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    anapanda says

    “There’s always room for Jello” and fabric!!
    Do show us a photo of the stuffed car!
    Glad you and ‘lainie had a good time.

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    Perhaps “stashbusting” needs a revised defination based on our experiences over the last couple years. How about this…

    “Stashbusting is the continued evaluation and adjustment of the quilter’s collection of fabrics and supplies to reflect the quilter’s current artistic point of view.”

    We all go through phases of likes and dislikes in color and fabric themes. So, our stash should reflect what we like and be in a sufficient quantity so that the artistic process is not impacted by the lack of supplies.

    Deep thinking aside – have a safe trip back home.

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    bettina says

    maybe you could stop by a mailing place and mail all your goodies to yourself so you have more room in the car for more stash hahahaha

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    Bobbie says

    I can’t figure out what is my favorite thing you do–quilting or knitting-I admire both of your talents–especially the socks*****Thats because I can’t get a pair done for nothing, and its not because I don’t try–just ordered more sock yard a coulple of days ago-I already have enough on hand to do, probably 4 pair. I am trying to do them on circular needles, but run into trouble on the instep–I’m not giving up tho. I think I’ll try to 4 needle thing. And there is not much more to be said about your quilting. I do that in the day time and try to knit at night,unless there is binding or applique. Oh yeah, I’ve got pretty hooked on some of your recepies too. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Bon says

    So Judy, a curious mind wants to know — Do you knit 2 socks at a time on one needle or one at a time? I’m in the middle of 2 at a time. Confusing at first, easier as it goes. I’ve not come to the heel yet and being that this is my first pair ever, it may be a challenge.

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    Denise says

    Great socks Judy! I’m glad to see I’ll be in good company next stashbusting report with someone else who bought this week! I’m headed to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo and know that some of those vendors will get my money! But I shall try to maintain a little sense of decorum but it’s just not possible to pass up some of the stuff I can’t find locally. 🙂

  8. 15

    Elaine says

    I may have shopped at more shops, but you spent more money and bought more than I did! So there! I had a great time and I’m glad we were able to get all that stuff crammed into your car. Ready to go again??

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    Christina D says

    It’s always fun to find a favorite fabric! Love your socks, just Beautiful, are they
    for me? lol
    Christina D SC

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    Love that you two had such a wonderful time. I get that experience in Paducah! I kind of live off that until the next year. I really like those socks. Do you use 2 circulars or the dpns. I only know one way and that is on 2 circulars and I kind of forget 1 part of it (when you have to pick up stitches) and have to figure it out again each time! LOL But I love my knitted socks. What is a good sock yarn for you? It seems everyone yarn yields a different type of feel or stretch.