Saturday at Home

There’s no place like home!  My family, the dog, the chickens, my bed!  Today I’ll print more patterns, organize everything for my next trip and then I’ll spend time sewing . . a whole lot of time if I’m lucky.

The main goal for today is to get the binding sewn down on this quilt:


I’ve shown the back side of it before but here it is again:


This is going to my sister to an auction in south Louisiana.  The Mardi Gras colors will hopefully make it a hot item at the auction.



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    candace says

    Judy, I’ve been catching up on your posts all week long as my hubby and I spent last week in TX at the graduation of our son from the Air Force. We are so proud of him that he decided to serve during this time! Thanks a ton for the great positive attitude you continue to include in all of our lives ;).

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    Pam says

    Good stretch on the lattice stars. In the main stars the dark green is interesting because it sometimes blends into the other green. Should be a winner at the auction.

  3. 4


    Your quilts are always so pretty…have you ever made a dud? LOL

    Saturdays at home are great….I should know since I so rarely get one, working at the library every Saturday like I do. When I DO get a Sat. at home it’s like, “Should I watch the sewing & quilting shows on NETV?”

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      Oops….I flipped my keyboard over to know the lunch crumbs out of it & sent that message off before I was finished…oh well, you get the gist…..Saturdays have just become so special I don’t know what to do first.

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    Becky R says

    Yes, another winner for sure. I have no double this will bring in a nice sum for the group you donated it to. It’s the perfect colors for LA.

  5. 10


    I was just reading something yesterday that said the purpose of borders is to make the quilter larger. I immediately thought — “Not for Judy! The purpose of the borders is to make the quilt more beautiful!” 🙂 Lovely work!