A Little Visitor


I don’t know what kind of dog he is but I know he has more energy than any dog I’ve ever seen!  Heck, I don’t even know his name.  Poor fellow!  By the time his family gets home, he’s going to think his name is “Dog” because that’s all we call him.  So far, Speck hasn’t figured out he’s here.  Speck smells him on us but they haven’t met.  “Dog” is so friendly and naive, I’d hate for him to meet Speck and realize not every dog is as friendly as he is.

Our friends had a little emergency and we’ve been going to their house to take care of “Dog” but they’re not going to be home for at least six days so we decided this would work out better for us and “Dog” if he came here.  He’s used to staying in a crate during the day and he’s just one of those dogs that’s happy no matter what you do with him so he’s fine downstairs in a crate and Speck can stay upstairs and never the two shall meet! 🙂

“Dog” has a fenced back yard but we do not.  While we were still at his house, he found a pile of dirt left by an underground animal.  Before I could stop this little white dog, he had dug in that fresh damp dirt with his nose, his front paws and his back paws.  I couldn’t take him back in the house like that so I squirted him off with the water hose and then towel dried him.  Someone, including me, would lose an arm trying that with Speck.  “Dog” was so busy trying to catch the water coming out of the hose, I don’t think he ever noticed he what I was doing to him.

Vince found this green bucket that had some dirt in it and placed it over the pile of soft dirt.  When we went back later and let him out again, “Dog” was determined he was going to dig in that dirt again.


Maybe from another angle he could get in that fresh dirt.


Nope, that didn’t work either.  How about from this angle?


Kinda hard to tell the front end from the back end in this picture!


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    Dog’s a cutie! I’m sure he and Speck could be fast friends if Speck would just give him a chance. Penny is going to have a play date with Skippy this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how that goes. I have a feeling she’ll be following him all around.

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    HI Judy,
    We had a dog just like this one called Tigger- She was a little black fluff ball when my sister in law found her-but later became mostly white with some grey thrown in for good measure. We are not sure what she was but we thought she was a cock a poo. Tigger had lots of energy, fur that needed tending because it matted but she had a lovely disposition. We had her for 12 years and then , unfortunately, she got lost when we went to visit some friends in the country, We were broken hearted- we searched and posted signs but we never did find out what happened to her.
    We now have a schnoodle, Dusty who is very cute too but very different in disposition.
    All pets have their own personalities- Dusty our current dog is of the Diva variety..
    I love Dogs Plume tail – Tigger used trit trot down the road with her plume tail waving in the breeze.
    Mostly Fun memories.. thanks for sharing Dog..
    Warmest regards,

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    Dog’s friendly, happy personality comes through in your photos. It’s nice of you to be taking such good care of him for your friends. Won’t Speck be a bit ticked off at being made to stay upstairs for the next several days???

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    Dog is so stinkin’ cute! If I lived closer, I might try to borrow him! He looks just like my beloved Uggie dog. Oh how I miss that rascal. Speck might have a new best friend, or not! 😉

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    He must be part Schnoodle Judy! The only thing better than loose dirt is dirt with cat poop in it. You’d think we were hunting truffles. ICK. My cats don’t go out, so cat poop in the garden is from neighboring cats who just have to use my flower beds. Ozzie is obsessed with it, so I have to wear gloves outside so I can get it out of his mouth (double yuck!). I think I’ve shoveled up most of it and thrown it over the fence into the alley. No one ever goes back there (except utility linemen) so I think it’s okay.